Giuliana Rancic: Joan Rivers Would Tell Me to “Just Move Forward” Following Zendaya Controversy

The E! host, who took the brunt of the Fashion Police fallout, tells us how she's getting ready for a new season.

Giuliana Rancic’s world was turned upside down after making a joke that Zendaya’s hair looked like it smelt of “patchouli oil” and “weed” on Fashion Police’s post-Oscar episode. After dealing with serious backlash, the E! host is ready to move on thanks to the support of her husband Bill and the late Joan Rivers.

We caught the E! star at the NBC Upfronts yesterday in NYC, where she told us how Joan’s words continue to guide her, as well as what she hopes for the new season of Fashion Police.

Who would be the ultimate co-host on Fashion Police?
Giuliana Rancic: I can’t even answer, because who I think is the ultimate co-host is actually someone whose name they’re thinking [of]. So if I said it, then I’m screwed. “Why are you saying peoples’ names that we’re considering?!” There are some great names being considered and also very unexpected names as well, [ones] that I was shocked to hear.

What kind of vibes are you hoping the show will have when it returns?
I’m open for more fashion talk. Fashion is meant to be fun. I love Brad Goreski, he’s definitely coming back. I just want to focus more on the fashion while keeping it fun.

What advice do you think Joan would have given you if she were alive, following the Zendaya joke?
Joan gave me great advice. It’s advice that I still live by, and I don’t think it would be necessarily any different because she’s always given me great advice. I met Joan 13 years ago for the first time. Joan was just the best, she’s very like, “Eh, don’t listen to what people say. Move forward, do your own thing. As long as you know you’re a good person, that’s all that matters.”

What do you think she would’ve done in your position?
When you know your intentions are innocent and pure, you’re OK. You’re good with your soul and your soul is at ease. That’s kind of how I feel about it and I know Joan was the same way. If you know you’re doing something wrong and you’re a bad person, you’ll have that anxiety. I don’t have that anxiety because I’m a very chill person, I’m a very open person, I love everyone. For me, it was just a very unfortunate incident, a matter of the footage [being] edited, [and] it just blew into something that really I never intended it to be. I think Joan would say, “You know what, G? You know the truth, just move forward.”

During her appearance on Big Morning Buzz Live this week, Melissa Rivers revealed how Fashion Police is prepping for its September return.

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