' Love And Hip Hop Atlanta ' - Episode 10 - 'Karlie Redd, Champagne And Weave'

Now that Karlie and K.Michelle made up then threw drinks on each other then made up again Karlie wanted to go gossip with her old pal Mimi. As usual, Karlie is here for one reason only: To relay information that's not her business. According to Karlie, who recently saw Nikko at the club, he's basically trying to holler at her. His words, "She's back on the Stevie bus." Nikko even hit up Karlie's ex asking for her number and she has the text message to prove it. "What is going on?" Karlie asks Mimi. Mimi tells her what happened at the party. When Karlie asks Mimi if she ever loved him, Mimi says, "This just a few months in. I didn't even get a chance to get comfortable." Mimi says she's going to talk to Nikko, but she already has her mind made up.


"Mimi's a hard nut to crack, but Joseline on the other hand, she's like putty in my hands." Stevie wants to make things right with Joseline. "You miss me?" he asks. Joseline shakes her head yes. Of course she missed her Big Daddy. "We gotta go the independent route," he says about Joseline's lost record deal. "I love you all the time," she says after Stevie said she only loves him when she wants to. "I can't stand you a lot of times and I curse your a-- out, but I love you all the time." "There's nothing more that I want right now than to see you win," he says. Bonnie and Clyde are back on again.


Mimi has questions for Nikko based on the new info Karlie Redd divulged. Nikko says he wasn’t mad about the gifted car, but he thinks Stevie and Mimi plotted against him by wearing all white. “You think I said, ‘I’m gonna wear white, I want you to buy me a white car and I want you to wear white?’” Mimi asks. “Is that what you think?” That’s exactly what he thinks hence why Mimi thinks his insecurities led him to hollering at Karlie Redd. He dismisses that so she moves on to the names he called her at his screening and he dismissed that as well. Mimi’s had enough so naturally the animosity gets turned up a notch. "I'm leaving 'cause you're an a--hole. His solution is to ask her if she wants to do a threesome with Karlie Redd. "Don't f----g play me you f----g clown." It’s a wrap for dude.  Bye bye Nikko.


Scrappy's having some legal trouble so of course he calls Erica and she goes running to his side. "Wow. You called her?" Momma Dee asks. Apparently Scrappy's probation officer wouldn't accept his urine for the drug test he has to submit as part of his probation. "I was gon' strip search for him and everything," says Scrappy. His lawyer advises him to go back to his PO's office and submit another drug test.


Karlie's opening a hair store where you can get your hair done, a manicure, pedicure and more. "I hear it in the streets," Traci tells her. "People are talking about it." Karlie found the time from her busy Iowa touring schedule to open a store. But more importantly, Traci has a crush on a guy. A first date is in the works and maybe she'll be over Drew soon.


Rasheeda's ready to separate her marriage and business so she pays Deb--aka Waka Flocka's momager-- a visit again.  "He's not playing the management role right now and I don't deserve that." Deb isn't easily impressed and keeps it all the way 100. When Rasheeda tells her she's pregnant Deb gets her in check really fast. Rasheeda's under the impression the industry is open to pregnant women and uses Beyonce as an example before Deb cuts her off. "But Beyonce is...hold on now," Deb says. "We can't go there now." Deb is willing to do some temporary work with Rasheeda but she's up front with Rasheeda. "A part of me don't feel like it's going to work." Deb gives her some solid advice on focusing on endorsements because that's where the real money is.


Ariane's grandfather passed away. To support her K.Michelle and Mimi have to both be there for her. It's the first time they've seen each other since the flower incident at BB Kings. Ariane wants so badly for them to make up, even if it's just for her. In the parking lot of the church K.Michelle apologizes to Mimi. "I had no reason to hit you, no reason at all," K.Michelle says. "I should've never did that because you're somebody I love," K.Michelle says. Mimi is at a loss for words. Ariane cries as she begs Mimi to say something. "I don't know what you want from me...I'm fresh out of everything. I'm out of gas." Both K.Michelle and Mimi agree it's not the time or place to discuss their issues because they're there for Ariane.


Scrappy heads back to his lawyer to find out the probation officer put out a warrant for his arrest. "She's crazy," Momma Dee says. Scrappy thinks there's a conspiracy against all rappers. "They just want to lock you up either way," Erica adds. Scrappy's going to have to turn himself in. All around it's a bad situation for Scrappy.


Traci's date showed up with a horse and carriage. It takes no time to get into trust issues, their pasts and rumors. "So I've heard that you're kind of a h*," Traci says. This is a red flag for Traci but she still likes him. He admitted he has cheated. This is definitely not going to help Traci with her trust issues that are left over from Drew. "I might have some trust issues. Very little," she tells him. Their open honesty with one another so early on is refreshing.


Rasheeda went ahead with her video shoot. "I'm so hot fire coming out my a--hole." She looks very pregnant with breasts ready to pop out of her shirt at any moment. Deb is unable to keep her candid thoughts to herself with what she's watching. "This is ridiculous," she says. "You look 15 f----g months pregnant, titties hanging out like this and they standing back 'cause they don't want to be f----g accused." Kirk walks in bringing drama, as usual. "I told you, don't touch the business account to do things that you want to do," he said. Rasheeda's finally had enough. As she's talking to him she's pushing her finger hard in his chest. "What I'm blaming it on is you being a f----d up a-- n*gga and not doing what you supposed to do as a business man and as a father. That s--- pisses me off." He threatens to take her name off the account. Rasheeda lets him know they'll go to court if that's what she has to do. "You know what don't make sense? Me and you don't make sense," she says. This situation is so sad on so many levels.


Deb agrees with Kirk for once. "You want to do this so quickly, but sometimes you can do things that bring harm to yourself," Deb says. Rasheeda feels this is what she has to do because she wants to move forward with her career and has limited time because of the pregnancy. "I don't want this to sound F'd up," Deb says. "Then why this?" she asks pointing to Rasheeda's belly. "If you wanted to move forward in your career, this should've never happened." Rasheeda can't catch a break. Deb thinks the video looks horible. "Guess what else you could've did? Best time in the world to be in the studio." Shooting a video and rushing music is not the way to go as far as Deb is concerned. "Save these gotd--- videos to after to where you can really be sexy and you would've took right off." Rasheeda listens in tears.


Karlie Redd, Champagne & Weave has arrived. "Could it be more hood?" Traci asks. Traci invited both Erica and Shay with the hopes they can have a one-on-one conversation. Erica doesn't mind having a conversation, but Shay is way too turned up. "My issue with you is, why my name keep being in your mouth?" Erica asks. Shay gets in Erica's face yelling. "What the f--- you gon' do b---?" Traci is standing in between them trying to get Shay to calm down to no avail. Shay even starts disrespecting Traci. Anything for extra camera time. "Done with this dumb b---." Shay reaches behind Traci and mushes Erica's head. Shay was escorted outside where she continued to go HAM. Traci knows she was wrong trying to get them together. Did Shay really start beating on the glass window? This can't be life.


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