The Spice Girls Reunited and They're Still Fierce as Hell

If you wannabe my lover, you gotta take awesome pics.

This weekend, your favorite girl group of all time reunited. Mel B. wasn't there, but Eva Longoria stood in for her as #LatinaSpice, so that kind of still counts, right? Check out this epic Spice Girls reunion pic and more you missed on Instagram.

The Spice Girls reunion happened, and the photos are glorious.

David Beckham joined Instagram and blessed us with this pic. He celebrated his 40th birthday and also had a great time with the Spice Girls, proving this to be the most epic night possibly ever.

Blac Chyna keeps her waist training game strong.

Kim Kardashian wants you to know she put sexy pics in her new book Selfish (because you can't look at any of her old Instagram posts and/or watch her sex tape).

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara are the sweetest couple. PUN INTENDED.

Cara Delevingne gives us a peek at her new Chanel campaign with Pharrell.

Amidst his divorce from Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon posted this pic with the caption: "Grateful and forever in debt to @MariahCarey for blessing me and the rest of the world with these 2 Angels, Morrocan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon on this day 4 years ago. Happy Birthday!!! I Love yall!"

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's texts embody #FriendshipGoals.

Selena Gomez gives us some pillow talk from NYC.

Hey, girl. Matt McGorry doesn't want you to forget about his royal cuteness while How To Get Away With Murder is off the air.

The Gossip Table has more on the Spice Girls' photo opp.

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