Shocking New Details About Katy Perry + John Mayer's Breakup

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Fans were shocked to learn that Katy Perry and John Mayer split (what's up with all our favorite couples having trouble?) but new details have put things into perspective. The on and off couple has had trouble in the past, but Mayer won Perry back with the promise of being a better boyfriend. He initially made good on his promise and even wanted to marry her. However, she wasn't ready for that kind of commitment especially given Russell Brand.

Sadly, he ended up not keeping up his part of the bargain. Mayer ultimately failed to put her first and reportedly would shut off his cellphone and stay disconnected for periods of time. We don't want to sound like a crazy jealous girlfriend but even that's a bit suspicious.

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Speaking of suspicious, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice and her husband plead guilty to charges of bank and mortgage fraud. So does this mean jail time for the two of them? For her husband, Joe, yes. The federal clinker (and even possible deportation) is in his future. As for Teresa, she does face up to two years in jail.

Meanwhile, everyone is wondering what this means for the show. The Gossip Table reports that's she mostly off at this point and unlikely to return. Sorry fans, that means no Real Housewives of Federal Prison.

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Yesterday, ABC announced the new cast of its hit reality competition series, Dancing With the Stars, and Bruce Jenner was nowhere to be seen. Ahead of the new season, rumors swirled that the former Mr. Kris Jenner was going to be part of the cast. However, he pulled out at the last minute. The show didn't offer enough money and Kris calling the shots, he was stuck between a rock and Kim's butt.

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