This Previously Unseen 'Mean Girls' Scene Is So Fetch

"Stop trying to make this about you; I'm the one who got hit by the bus." Oh, Regina George.

Our dreams have come true: the universe has granted us more Mean Girls! In this recently unearthed deleted scene, we get more Regina (Rachel McAdams), more Cady (Lindsay Lohan), and, of course, more Regina's mom.

In the clip, Cady and Regina have a bathroom reunion at the Spring Fling. Cady apologizes and Regina decides to forgive her "because I'm a very zen person," and, you know, heavily medicated. (She had just been hit by a bus after all.) She also gives Cady and Aaron Samuels her blessing, comparing him to a dollhouse she had when she was seven that she didn't want to play with but didn't want anyone else to have either.

"I threw it down the stairs," she explains. Oh, Regina. Watch below.