Male Celebrities Who Got Two Women Pregnant at the Same Time


Turns out Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lil Wayne have more in common than you thought.

Earlier this season on Love & Hip Hop, Amina Buddafly revealed that she was pregnant by her husband, Peter Gunz. The news drew a lot of attention because (1) Amina admitted that she had an abortion and (2) Peter's mistress, Tara Wallace, was pregnant at the same time that Amina found out about her own pregnancy. Sh-t went down, drama ensued and you can read all about it here.

Peter Gunz isn't the only celebrity to have gotten two women pregnant at the same time. The following celebrities also had two baby mamas with buns in the oven simultaneously. Whether it was by accident or on purpose, we can't say for sure. What we can say is that babies are gifts, and these men had multiple blessings on the way at once.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a son with his housekeeper, Mildred Baena, while Maria Shriver was pregnant with their fourth child. Schwarzenegger told 60 Minutes that he had no idea Baena's child was his until "he started looking like me." Shriver gave birth to Christopher on September 27, 1997. Baena gave birth to Joseph on October 2, 1997.

Yung Joc

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Yung Joc had two sets of twins on the way at the same time by two different women: baby mama number three Carla and baby mama number four Sina. Carla gave birth to twins Cadence and Camora in August of 2013. Sina had baby girl twins named Eden and Allon shortly thereafter. Find out more about Yung Joc's kids and baby mamas here.

Lil Wayne

While actress Lauren London was pregnant with his third child, Lil Wayne conceived his fourth child with singer Nivea. London apparently had no idea that Wayne had fathered a baby by someone else. She gave birth to son Cameron on September 9, 2009, and Nivea gave birth to Neal on November 30 of the same year.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant simultaneously had babies on the way by former lover Tinglan Hong and girlfriend Anna Eberstein, according to The Sun. Hong gave birth to her second child by Grant in December of 2012. Just three months before then, Eberstein became pregnant with Grant's son. The whole occurrence was supposedly kept secret for a year.

Fetty Wap

Masika Kalysha, formerly of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, revealed back in December that she was six months pregnant with Fetty Wap's child. A few other women have since claimed that they, too, are pregnant with his children. You can read about his ongoing baby mama drama here.

Peter Gunz

Peter Gunz from Love & Hip Hop got both Amina Buddafly, his wife, and Tara Wallace, his mistress, pregnant at the same time. Amina decided not to go through with her pregnancy and revealed on L&HH that she had an abortion. Wallace gave birth to her third child with Gunz on February 13, 2016.


While Sarah Chapman was pregnant with his child, Diddy and on-again, off-again girlfriend Kim Porter conceived twin girls. Chapman gave birth to daughter Chance just five months before Porter gave birth to D'Lila Star and Jessie James on December 21, 2006.

Dominic Raiola


NFL player Dominic Raiola, formerly of the Detroit Lions, allegedly got his wife and another woman pregnant at the same time. Raiola's wife was allegedly pregnant with their third child in February 2007, the same time that Raiola allegedly got his side chick pregnant, too.

Watch L&HH's Amina open up about her abortion in the clip below.