Diane Sawyer and ABC Ain't Got Time for Kris Jenner

We have some she said, she said going on, y'all.

OK, so we all thought it was weird and borderline shady that Kris Jenner was the only one of Bruce Jenner's ex wives that had "no comment" about his transition during his big interview with Diane Sawyer. Kris claims ABC never asked her to comment, but the network says otherwise. WTH, guys.

"Kris does not have official representation but a message was left at her office and she was asked for fact checking," reads an official statement from Jenner to People. "Kris said she was unable to respond because she had not seen the special. She did not say, 'No comment.' "

Despite Jenner's response, the network is maintains that they reached out multiple times, only to get nothing in response. "ABC News sent an email to her publicity team more than once. They called and said no comment," ABC said in its own statement to People. According to Naughty Gossip, Sawyer is livid that Kris Jenner claims to have never been asked to give a statement. "ABC reached out to Kris Jenner for comment and she did not provide a statement. She has no right to claim that she was not asked, because she was," a source tells the site.

The night of the interview, Kris fired back at Perez Hilton on Twitter after he stated the obvious (that she didn't comment).

She's since deleted the tweet, only to post this later (which is still up).

Sketchy without a doubt, but how will this end? "Now she's started a war and Diane [Sawyer] wants Kris to issue an apology," sources tell Perez Hilton.

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