How Many Kids Does He Have? VH1 Fathers By The Numbers

Check out our handy guide to who has how many children in Hip hop.

It's hard to keep track of everyone's love life on VH1 reality shows, let alone their children but we are here to help.

Check out our handy guide to the men of VH1's children. We've got the answers to how many, and their ages and names, when available. Some of these guys have one kid to dote all over and some are providing and loving on nine or ten. And you might be surprised to know that more than one of these dudes is also a granddad! It's true.

Take a look and learn a lot about the dads of Hip hop, now.

[Ed. note: this post was updated on June 16, 2017.]

Tony Vick = 10 Kids, 3 Grandchildren

Tony Vick (pictured here with some of his sons and a friend) has nine kids: Tony Jr. (29), Jasmine (22), Taihlah (21), Zevin (15), Elijah (15), Cameron (14), Kaleen (12), Meshach (9), Noah (2), and newborn baby girl Savannah Alise. Tony has three grandchildren. FYI: the step and grandchildren call Kalenna "Momma K."

Peter Gunz = 10 Kids, 1 Grandchild

Peter Gunz has ten kids: Cory (29), Whitney (25), Kennedi (17), Brandon (16), Phoenix (10), Jamison (10), Kaz (5), Cori (2), Gunner (1), and infant Bronx. Peter has one granddaughter.

Yung Joc = 8 Kids

Joc has eight children: Amoni (16), Ja'Kori (13), Amir (10), Chase (6), Cadence and Camora (3), Eden and Allon (2)

Kirk Frost = 6 (or 7) Kids, 4 grandchildren

Kirk has seven children. Ky and Karter with wife Rasheeda. He also has daughters Cherry and Kelsie and other sons. He has four grandchildren. Kirk is possibly the father of an infant son named Kannon Mekhi.

T.I. = 7 Kids

T.I. has six children: Messiah, Domani, and Deyjah from previous relationships, King, Major, and infant daughter Heiress with wife Tiny, and stepdaughter Niq Niq.

Stevie J = 6 Kids

Stevie has six children. Dorian, Stevie Jr, Sade, Savannah, Eva, and infant daughter Bonnie Bella.

Rich Dollaz = 4 Kids

Rich Dollaz has two sons and two daughters, including Ashley who has appeared on Love & Hip Hop. Their ages are are 17, 15, 15, and 12 but Rich refuses to reveal their names. He definitely has a son that looks just like him.

Mendeecees = 4 Kids

Mendeecees has four children: Lil Mendeecees and Asim from previous relationships. He has Omere and Skylar with wife Yandy.

The Game = 4 Kids

Game has four kids: King Justice, Cali, and Harlem as well as adopted daughter Madison

Omarion = 2 Kids

Omarion has one son Megaa (2) and one daughter A’mei Kazuko (1) with ex Apyrl Jones

Lil Scrappy = 1 Kid

Scrappy has one daughter Emani (9) with Erica Dixon

Fizz = 1 Kid

Fizz has one son Kameron with Moniece Slaughter