VH1's Weekly Wrap-Up: 'Basketball Wives' Asks The Chef Question, 'Tough Love' Returns With A Twist

This week VH1’s primetime line-up showcased everything romance to rumors, but which show still has you in the hot seat? Check out our favorite moments from the past week.

Tough Love: Co-Ed: Stu Breaks Down and Christopher Is In The Hot Seat

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We’ve seen Steve’s no-nonsense tough love with women before, but it was very interesting to see how him break down the men and pinpoint their dating flaws. In the first group session, Steve brings Stu to tears when he questions whether or not Stu’s father would be proud of him. After Stu’s breakthrough, Steve brings Christopher to the hot seat where he gets brutally honest about his “man child” and class clown behavior. The coaching has only just begun and we cannot wait to see what this co-ed boot camp has in store!

Basketball Wives: Suzie Asks Tasha About The Chef Story

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As we saw earlier in this episode, Tami and Suzie do some digging into Tasha’s past and learn that there was some rumor in the past about Tasha’s husband fooling around with the family’s personal chef. Tami and Suzie decide to ask Tasha about it at her dinner party, but when the time comes only Suzie breaks the ice. In the middle of the dinner party, Suzie asks Tasha if the story about her husband and the chef is true. How will Tasha react to Suzie’s question?

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: Tiny Teaches Shekinah How To Cook

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When Shekinah buys her first house, Tiny feels that Shekinah is not ready for all the responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. As part of "Tameka’s Homeowner’s Boot Camp", Tiny teaches Shekinah how to mow the lawn and cook dinner. However, when trying to teach Shekinah how to make baked spaghetti, the two of them spend most of the time arguing. In true Shekinah fashion, nothing can ever be done without her putting in her two cents.

Marrying The Game: Tiffney Receives Advice From Her Aunt

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After Tiffney gave her engagement ring back to The Game, she and the kids headed to Texas for a family reunion. While there, Tiffney had some time to talk with her family and really reflect on her relationship with Jayceon. When Tiffney talks to her aunt, Miss Janice, about her relationship with Jayceon (aka The Game), Miss Janice can relate to how Tiffney is feeling. Miss Janice tells Tiffney about strong women, party boys, and the power of God in a relationship. After talking with her family, Tiffney has come to one important conclusion – she cannot change The Game; he is who is he and she must decide to take him or leave him.

How will Tasha react to Suzie’s question about the chef story? How will adding men to the mix affect the Tough Love boot camp?

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment Of The Week?

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