Who Is Anais' Husband Ruben, REALLY?

Meet Ruben Brito, one of New Jersey's top luxury car salesmen.

Anais's husband Ruben was livid when he found out about his wife's affair with Rich Dollaz, but who exactly is this man that Anais is willing to walk away from after over a decade of marriage?

Confesor Ruben Brito is a businessman who works at a luxury car dealership in Hawthorne, New Jersey who is 20 years Anais's senior. They met when Ruben's brother set them up after Ruben was going through a separation. [Ruben] was like a father figure to me," Anais told "I didn’t grow up much with my father and kind of reconnected with him when I was a teenager. So Ruben gave me that sense of protection."

His car dealership, M&P Foreign Cars looks like it has plenty of happy customers, including Anais herself --- from the look of it, Ruben constantly gifts the mother of his two kids with any car she likes, like this Maserati Ghibli.

Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling the sports' car that much. Less than two weeks later, Anais traded in her new toy for a Range Rover that was "more [her] style."

Anais may be over Ruben for the moment, but she does match his fly. The two are twinnin' when it comes to their whips.

Ruben is no doubt a hard-working man who takes care of his queen, as he should. But for Anais, that just isn't enough. Hopefully the two can work things out.

In this Check Yourself clip from Love & Hip Hop, Anais explains that she soured on her marriage when Ruben became more about money than showing love.