Tami Roman's #BonnetChronicles Is Literally the Funniest Thing on Instagram Right Now

We're ready for the web-series right now.

Tami Roman always keep it funky on reality TV, but now she's doing her Instagram followers a big ole' favor and giving them advice for their every day life. In a new series she's calling #BonnetChronicles, Tami, in a bonnet, gives her thoughts on everything under, and over, the sun. From her haters who say she jumps from show to show to Instagram "business owners" to Iggy Azalea, Tami's got a lot to say, and you will LOL for days, hearing her spill it all.

Tami on so-called trend setters

Tami hates when people say they started something. "'Ooh, I started cornrows.' B---h, have you seen pictures of Harriet Tubman?" According to Miss Roman, everything has been done before, so please for the love of God, STFU.

Tami on people saying she just goes from "show to show to show"

People (including Tami's co-star Brandi Maxiell) have come for Tami being on so many shows but Tami says, "Yah damn right. You're absolutely f--king right." The reality TV OG further explained, "You can't be a TV star, a TV personality, if you ain't on TV." Mic drop, basically.

Tami on people saying Iggy Azalea "ruined" hip hop

Tami doesn't have time for people claiming the Australian femcee ruined the genre. "Iggy didn't ruin hip hop. Y'all ruined hip hop." Tami goes on to say that it was all of these now-critics downloading Azalea's music, booking her on their shows, and doing interviews with her that ruined hip hop. Tami spells it out, "Iggy, I ain't mad at you, girl. They invited you to the masquerade ball and you wore the best costume, b---h."

Tami on people saying they're the queen of reality TV

Tami doesn't have time for the women saying they're the "main b---h" on reality TV, and started (see above) the genre. Tami pays respect to her fellow The Real World alum. "You know who the queen of reality TV is? Heather "motherf--king" B And if you don't who that is, she was the young lady on the very first reality show in the United States of America, called The Real World, ok?" Oh, and also, Tami says you owe Heather B some damn money.

Tami on people fighting for the perfect parking spot

Tami (in a new bonnet) says that people were so moved by Jesse Williams inspiring speech at the BET awards but once the hype settled, there was a "heated b---h" fighting her for a parking space at Wal-Mart. Yes, she did. "What had happened to us living in love?...I had to get on out of my vehicle and post upl because it looked like the b---h wanted to slash my tires." Don't fight with Tami, child.

Tami on "business owners"

Business owners, Tami needs you to deal with your social media. Brand. Your. Business. "I don't want to go to your page and see you with a joint in your mouth. I don't want to see the memes about the b---h who can swallow babies. I don't want want to see the video of you up in the club tossing back shots." Basically, Tami needs you to get yourself two separate pages, ok? "Brand your business properly, if you're gonna do this thang." Yah heard?

Are you here for Tami's web advice? We think this need to be it's own series, ASAP! Don't miss Tami's return to VH1 when Basketball Wives LA return Sunday, July 17th at 9/8c.