Ashley Nicole Says Rasheeda & Kirk Were "Running Out Of S-t To Do" Before She Joined The Show

The singer says Rasheeda doesn't have "any real talent."

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Things between Ashley Nicole and Rasheeda are still tense with Ashley crashing the auction with Kirk and things escalating between she and the Boss Chick and her mother, Shirleen.

VH1 caught up with Ashley about her music, about reality TV creating misconceptions about her, and what she really thinks of Rasheeda's music.

You got in Rasheeda’s mom's face at the auction, what was going through your head when you made comments to Shirleen? Were you afraid of what she was going to say or do?

Ashley Nicole: Well, no. Basically, Rasheeda and Ms. Shirleen, and Erica, but mostly Ms. Shirleen and Rasheeda were having a conversation with Kirk and they were basically demeaning me and my existence while I was standing there. My comment was along the lines like, “Y’all don’t need to call me out of my name while I’m standing right here" and "Y’all don’t need to disrespect me because I’m standing right here.” After that, it just escalated. I kept telling Ms. Shirleen, “Ma'am, I’m not trying to disrespect you like this, it's between Rasheeda and I.” But she took it upon herself to, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because she was all in my face not minding her own business. So that’s basically what that was about.

Do you feel the odds were against you when you started working with Kirk? Did you feel any reservations, signing up for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and also working with DLO Entertainment?

I wasn’t too familiar with the show and with Rasheeda’s personality so I didn’t know what to expect. Of course Kirk and I became so close since he met me and since we started actually filming with Rasheeda. I didn’t think I had anything to worry about, I thought that Kirk would have put her on the same page and she would have been more receptive to me coming into the label and that kind of took me for a loop.

Do you worry about reality TV clouding people’s vision of you as a singer?

Well, it’s discouraging for people to impute my talent and stuff, because that’s what they’re doing. They go to my videos that I post and they basically will tell me I can’t sing, I have no talent, [ask] why did Kirk sign me, but you know there are also several people that enjoy my voice and they do believe in me as well. It’s a lot. I’m growing tough skin. [Laughs] It does hurt my feelings sometimes.

I think a thick skin is important when you're on reality TV.

Yeah, definitely. And of course the conflict with Rasheeda wasn’t really what I had expected so I was kind of caught off guard every time she gave me attitude. I’m just like “Yo, what did I ever do to you? You don’t even know me.” She hasn’t even taken five minutes to get to know me. So it just really sucks.

Do you feel like you Rasheeda and Kirk set up so they could use you for their storyline?

I think that everyone’s benefiting from our story so I don’t mind giving them what they need, because I’m getting what I need. So everyone wins. I’m not salty about that at all. I do know that they were running out of shit to do. They must have been running out of b---es to f--k with, so I think it was smart. They are such great, well, Kirk is such a great businessman and he really knows what he’s doing and I think it was smart of them to go the route that they have this season and I’m glad that I’m the one that they chose [to sign to DLO].

Do you look up to anyone on the show musically? Joseline? K.Michelle? Rasheeda?

Definitely not! K.Michelle, yes. I think she used her platform and she just really took off. I really look up to her, for sure. I understand how her image could have gotten tainted from the show, but she definitely got in and got out and now she’s doing great.

Would you and Rasheeda ever collaborate? How are you guys today?

I think, I’ll help her out. I’ll help her music out. I mean I would definitely feature on one of her songs because I don’t need a feature from her, obviously.

What do you think of Rasheeda as a rapper?

I was never a fan, for real, in real life. I was not really a fan. I had to do my research of course on her and her music, and of course I looked on Wikipedia and whatnot. Her genre is southern hip hop, and she had like the whole Georgia Peach thing happening and the Boss Chick and all of that. She’s very ABC rap, and I’m not into ABC rappers. I’m not a fan and I don’t think she has any real talent.

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