' Love And Hip Hop Atlanta ' - Episode 7 - 'Ratch Bitch'

Karlie Redd surely is one confident chick when it comes to the career she claims she's establishing. "They brought me to Utah...I'm in Utah for a party. I'm everywhere," she said, which had to be the funniest quote of the night. Rasheeda's shade was so thick no sunglasses or sunscreen were necessary. 

Friends argue. Mimi and Ariane have no beef after K.Michelle was asked to leave Mimi's video shoot, but Mimi is fed up with there always being an issue when K is around. "You should've just named the culprit. Not me," Ariane tells Mimi. "What is her issue with gay people?" Ariane only explains her position in taking up for K.Michelle. Mimi thinks Nikko could've handled it better, but "the root of this whole thing is K.Michelle. Period." According to Ariane K wanted Mimi to come to her defense. "I'm not f-----g K.Michelle," Mimi said. That apparently means since they're not smashing coming to her defense is out of the question. Ariane convinces Mimi to fly to New York with her so they can all hash out their issues.


Momma Dee feels her heavy reign on Scrappy slowly slipping. She apologizes for the EOE cake. "You'll always be a mam's boy," she said after her apology. Scrappy wants her to stay out of his mix completely. "Leave me the hell alone," he said. Scrappy is so tired of his mom he's packing his bags and leaving her house. "You is crazy," he told her. Yes "you is" crazy. "Mommy want to apologize," she says. Momma Dee's never going to let that man be a man.


After Kirk's response to Rasheeda's pregnancy she's realizing how different he's been over the last couple of months. Kirk isn't letting go of the blame game. "I pretty much feel like it's spiteful and you did it on purpose," he says to his pregnant wife. Kirk's is asking for a good cuss out with his behavior, but Rasheeda keeps her cool. "I feel lonely, I feel lost in the situation, I feel like I don't even know you right now," she tells him. Kirk is still unsympathetic. "There's ways around it," Kirk said. He has the audacity to reiterate  that he did tell her to get an abortion. "That's some f----g bulls---," she said. Rasheeda's finally getting angry, as anyone would. "Why would you even say that?" Kirk has temporarily lost his mind. She's not giving an abortion any thought so he has to get with the program. "Hell, no. There's no other thing for me to think about," she said. "You sound crazy and I think you need to leave," she tells him. Our heart breaks for her.


Erica and Shay come face-to-face at a fashion event Traci is hosting. Shay reveals to Traci she and Scrappy have seen each other. "We met up," she laughs. "It's like we have this connection that's unforgetable." The same connection where he proposed to Erica in front of you at the reunion show, right? What a connection! Traci wants the two ladies to speak, but Erica's not having it. "I came over here to speak to you," she tells Traci. Meanwhile Shay is blowing her breath super hard making all kinds of childish gestures.


Stevie J's must really want Joseline to go ballistic because if she finds out he's working out with Che all hell will break loose. "You know I got a little situation, right?" Stevie ask. Che Mack doesn't think that has anything to do with her. "I ain't even smell your neck, let alone sucked your d---," she said. What a wild one. Che asks repeatedly if he's in love with Joseline. "I love her," he said. But Che doesn't think it means anything since he won't admit to being in love. She agrees to meet Joseline, but only if Joseline is chill. Good luck with that.


Kirk can't be bothered to be more sensitive to his pregnant wife, but he can run to Benzino's booty-popping party. Sidenote: Was that Bobby Valentino? Benzino is not buying Kirk's victimhood argument. Not only does he let him know Rasheeda gave him the heads up that she was getting off the pill, he educates him on the pull out method, which most people learn in high school sex ed classes. "If she wasn't my wife she'd be having an abortion 'cause I ain't ready for it." Benzino can't get jiggy with this line of reasoning. "You gotta put yourself in her high heels for a minute," Benzino said. "Let's toast to the pull out assassin Kirk Frost." Why is Benzino the voice of reason this season? Something is very, very wrong.


Drew is moving ahead with the store. He's very confident Traci will give him the money. Traci finally hands over the 25,000 check but with conditions. She doesn't just show up with a check, she has a young male she's hired to work at the store. Drew's not happy she hired someone without his approval.  "All you had was model h*s," Traci said. "How do you know him? You f----d him?" Drew asks. How is this going to work with both of them wanting control?


What better place to orchestrate a first-time meeting of Che Mack and Joseline than Magic City--ATL's infamous strip club. Joseline can't be bothered with even speaking to Che Mack. Che apologizes for the other night, but Joseline is not moved. "Last time you saw me I was hitting the lid and I ain't mean to hit the lid. It was Yeager..." Che said. Che reassures Joseline she's not trying to step on her toes. "Bitch you could never step on my toes," Joseline said. "I'm a made bitch." What started out as a not-so friendly meeting turns into two strong headed women cursing each other out. "I'll kick you dead in your braces h*," Joseline threatens. Stevie's on mute watching them argue. Joseline doesn't get why he's wasting her time when he's not done with her album. "Is that why you being disrespectful?" Stevie asks. It seemed like things were under control as Stevie explains to Joseline that he was trying to be respectful by introducing them in the first place instead of working with her behind her back. "So you never gon' do a song with me Joseline?" Didn't Che see how that worked out with Karlie Redd? "Bitch you will die, be born again, die again and be born again before I do a song with you bitch." Joseline decides to leave because she's not happy. Che keeps yapping, Joseline does too. Joseline walks behind Che and snuffs her. Guess that song is out of the question.


In New York Mimi finds out K.Michelle did a radio interview accusing Nikko of being gay. Mimi's pissed "...about K.Michelle on the radio this morning running her f-----g mouth." She's so tired of K making everything about her. "And you need to say that," Ariane urges. Mimi doesn't think it will make a difference. "I don't know what this alliance you and K.Michelle have," Mimi said. "That bitch will turn on you at the drop of a f-----g dime." "I know this," Ariane said. They're headed to BB Kings to have conversation with K.


Drew calls Traci to the store to break the bad news. "Basically my business partner's a con artist," he said. "You have a signed contract?" Traci asks. Of course he doesn't. He has a verbal agreement. "He basically stole the money?" How could Drew send someone $50,000 without a signed contract. "I'm not controlling, I know what the f--- I'm doing...let me had ran this s--- this store would've been opened last month." Drew is embarrassed but thinks he can still pull it off. Traci feels like the fool. Girl, they told you not to hand over 25 stacks to him. Why didn't you listen to your sister (and twitter followers)?


Karlie Redd is still thinking about the diss record, but Rasheeda has bigger problems. "I don't have to do a diss record," Rasheeda said. "I feel like that s-- is elementary as hell for me. Karlie needs to rejuvenate Karlie's career." That was lowkey shade Rasheeda threw. Karlie caught it though. "It sound like you trying to tell me that I'm not hot," Karlie said. Rasheeda keeps it real and let's her know that what she saw was horrible. The ultimate shade was Rasheeda's green screen. "When she no damn well her biggest gigs be at the nearest shopping mall. I'm not trying to say the girl ain't got talent, but the thing is, I ain't seen it yet."


K.Michelle's BB Kings show in NYC was a sold out success. She was in a good space until she had to talk to Mimi backstage about the drama. "You should've had my back," K.Michelle tells Mimi. Mimi says she wasn't around to hear the beginning of the argument. Mimi's point is you can't question a man's sexuality and not be prepared for the consequences. K's getting mad now so she starts throwing darts at Mimi's boyfriend. "All I have to say is there's no reason that a grown man has a roommate at the age of your boyfriend," K.Michelle said. She walks away and says Nikko's gay and his friend is gay.


Mimi strikes a chord when she yells, "You don't even have a f-----g man." K.Michelle wops Mimi in the face with her flowers before going into her dressing room. "You a wack a-- bitch," Mimi yells. "You can't even talk. You got to hit somebody with some s---." This is not what Ariane had in mind. Mimi feels Ariane is taking up for K.Michelle. "Don't get all this liquid courage and then take it out on me," Ariane said. Mimi and Ariane start arguing because Ariane feels Mimi is doing the same thing she did at the video shoot. Ariane wanted Mimi to walk away as the bigger person. Bitch I ain't no walk away a-- bitch," Mimi said. Mimi wants Ariane to understand she's the one that got hit in the face. "You want to befriend this ratch a-- bitch?" Mimi asks. How a friend can remain mutual in all this is unbeknownst to us. Tune in next week to see if their friendship can recover from this.


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