Senior Citizen No More! It Looks Like Joe Budden's Back on Cyn's Good Side

The Great Dry Spell of 2018 is O-V-E-R!

Nothing was funnier than Cyn Santana getting out of a car in the middle of New York City and screaming at Joe Budden "Senior citizen -ss d-ck!"

Turns out Joe Budden wasn't giving his wife enough attention and she was taking it really personally. After having their adorable son Lexington, she just wanted to get back to feeling sexy and Joe wasn't helping.

That is...until now!

Hear ye, hear ye! Cyn Santana and Joe Budden have done the deed! Roll the presses! Joe is no longer a senior citizen! The Great Dry Spell of 2018 is O-V-E-R! How do we know?

Because Cyn posted a photo with Joe captioned, "When he isn't a senior citizen after all ❤️."

This is the hard-hitting news you all were looking for, don't lie. Looks like these two can get back to lounging around their huge house in Jersey and taking care of little Lex now.

Remember, Joseph: Happy wife, happy life!

The cast watches Cyn crash Joe's podcast taping to ask him for sex and reacts to Safaree getting advice about his disastrous show at Dyckman Park.