Mugshots! VH1 Reality Stars With Face Tattoos


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Monica Danger Leon


The Game

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Linda Perry

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Mommy Ruthie

[Photo: VH10

Nicole Murphy


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Brittanya O'Campo

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Jim Jones

[Photo: VH1]

Joe Budden

[Photo: Lauren Weissler for VH1]

Cary Hart

[Photo: Carey Hart via]

Big Ang

[Photo: VH1]

Che Mack

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Face tattoos are, like, a big commitment. I mean, they are on your face after all. We knew that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Scrappy and Benzino had face tattoos and, of course, Marrying The Game's Game is inked for days but it wasn't until we saw Make Or Break's Linda Perry's teardrop tattoo that we got to thinking - how many of our stars have tats on their faces and what do they they mean?

We've searched near and far to come up with some of the craziest, coolest, weirdest and hardly noticeable face ink. You won't believe it!

Check the gallery and let us know would you ever consider getting a tattoo on your face? The Black Ink Crew does not advise it.

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