Remember When Alicia Silverstone Was a Flawless Batgirl in 'Batman & Robin'?

A feminist icon, to be honest.

You probably know casual vegan goddess Alicia Silverstone best as the vapid-but-lovable '90s queen bee Cher Horowitz in the seminal classic Clueless (1995). We're definitely not discrediting the film—in fact, we think it's the greatest teen romp ever made—but there is another item in Alicia's filmography that is just as (if not more) iconic: her turn as Batgirl in the wildly underrated camp delight Batman & Robin (1997).

C'mon, you definitely remember this movie. George Clooney as Batman? Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze? Uma Thurman as the opulent and glamorous Poison Ivy? It's all so good—or bad, if you're a stuffy soulless monster.

Ms. Silverstone is a delight in the film. She plays Barbara Wilson, who gleefully transforms into Batgirl to save Batman and Robin (Chris O'Donnell) from Ivy's leafy trap. Her fight with Ivy in the latter half of the flick is legendary, mostly for its grandiose dialogue and bombastic body gestures. It's basically a drag performance inside a DC Comics universe. And we're so here for it.

In honor of Alicia's 39th birthday, please relive her short-but-sensational stint as Batman's female counterpart. Breathe in the stylized fighting and low-key feminism. ("Using feminine wiles to get what you want?" Batgirl scoffs at Ivy. "Read a book, sister! That passive aggressive number went out long ago!" WHERE. IS. HER. ACADEMY. AWARD?)

A truly historical moment that we'll always cherish. Bow down.