Kim Kardashian is Finally Ready to Talk About the Paris Robbery and Kanye West's Dark Moment

"They're going to shoot me in the back. There's no way out."

Kim Kardashian has had a trying few months...and as expected, it will all be captured on the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The reality star and social media maven is only now re-merging in the public eye after being robbed in her Paris hotel room back in October - and now she's finally ready to open up about the terrifying ordeal. Thieves tied up Kim K and made off with $11 million worth of jewelry.

In a sit down with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, Kim painfully recalls how she feared for her life during that moment.

"They're going to shoot me in the back," a sobbing Kim says, recalling the incident and how she considered an escape plan. "There's no way out. It makes me so upset to think about it."

Kanye West's hospitalization was also captured in the teaser. Kim gets an alarming phone call notifying her that something is up with her husband. "Don't scare me, please. What's going on?" Kim says, crying over the phone. She later explains, "I think he really needs me, and I have to get home."

The 30-second trailer ends with Kim and her sisters hugging it out, confessing that what got them through the hard times is their unity as a family.

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