Scott Disick's Most Endearing Moments Will Actually Make You Feel Bad for Him

He really wasn't the bad guy, OK?

Most of you think of Scott Disick as a trainwreck, party animal, and joke of the Kardashian-Jenner family. But in between his breakdowns, drunken moments, and general lordliness, there were times he pulled at our heartstrings. Thinking back on when Scott was a doting partner and loving dad actually make us feel really bad for him right now, during his breakup from Kourtney.

First off, there's this:

And this:

And this:

He adores his kids.

And has precious moments like this caught on camera.

This GIF that will leave you dead.

He teaches his kids important lessons, making sure they know they're loved.

He eloquently handled Bruce's transition, but kept true Scott charm intact.

“Bruce is going to open the door for so many people that are finally going to be able to live their life the way they want,” he said on E!'s About Bruce special. He asked Bruce about his feelings, then came this epic-ness: “Sometimes I thought it was something about me, but I realized that probably I’m just perfect and it’s everybody else around me that’s got issues.” YES.

He broke his tough, arrogant exterior.

By admitting he was flawed and he had his problems, especially when both of his parents died within such a short period of time.

But would be goofy when Kourt needed it.

He was Kourt's ride-or-die.

Kourt had her hands full with Scott and always helped him work through his issues. But she was no walk in the park either. Scott always had a hard time getting Kourtney to open up and was patient with her when she was emotionally blocked off. Which was always.

He kept it real, always.

Refreshingly said what no one else in that fam didn't have the balls to.

He looked at Kourtney like this:

Calling her his "angel." <3

And admired her as the mother of his children.

"The best thing in life is free and it's right here. Happy Mother's Day!"

Nonstop posting pics of her, using terms of endearment like "my buttery little baby."

We'll throw in some more of these:

To really twist the knife.

He was always there for Rob.

And continues to give him Instagram shout-outs and support throughout his rough patch.

He cuddles with his kittens.

In his honesty, he challenged societal standards.

Like a boss.

He recognizes when people are hating on him.

But doesn't care.

He held on to Kourt like this:

For dear life.

And tried to be more romantic for her.

By channeling The Notebook.

He broke the stiffness of family drama with this epic prank.

Even when he didn't want to, he would, just to make Kourt and Khloe laugh.

And was all of us in this moment.

Throughout it all, he fought his personal demons for the sake of his family and best friend.

Kourt + Scott 4-ever.