Tyga Blames Devil For Leaked Photos, Devil Responds: "This One's All You, Bro"

This just in.

Tyga was a hot topic yesterday when a rumor claimed that he had been cheating on Kylie Jenner with transsexual actress Mia Isabella. Mia has since responded to the rumor, as did Tyga's attorney, who, according to Gossip Cop, said that the allegations are "false and socially irresponsible" following the Supreme Court's historic ruling in favor of marriage equality.

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Tyga also responded to the rumors with the following tweet, which claimed that The Devil was to blame:

We've noticed a trend of people blaming The Devil when bad things are happening to them. So, we thought we'd reach out to the man himself, you know, to see if he felt any type of way about that. We made a few calls, lit some candles, and got the following statement from The Devil. Here's what Satan had to say in response to Tyga's tweet:


Was sitting on the couch with some popcorn yesterday catching up on True Detective when my Twitter notifications started going off. That's when I saw your tweet.

Man, why you gotta shade me like that? If anything, this should be a wake up call to get your texts in order. Between Blac and Mia putting you on blast, you've been real sloppy with your phone. For the record, I haven't been hard at work. I've been busy enjoying my 4th of July weekend. I caught up on all the hate tweets about marriage equality, had a brief stint recently with Paula Deen, and been hanging out in my robe and slippers for five days straight. I've been doing me. This one's all you, bro.

Anyway, no hard feelings on my end. Say what up to Chris for me. He's gotten in real good shape since last year.

- S