The 14 Most "Romantic" Moments from the Of Love Shows

Ranch dress = love, ok?

Love is in the air! The classic dating shows of VH1's Celebreality era could be sexy, raunchy, hilarious but what about romantic?

We've collected some of our favorite moments from Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, and I Love New York that we would argue are downright romance novel worthy.

When Bret didn't give a f--- that Daisy lived with her ex because they had chemistry (Rock of Love)

When Bret found out Daisy was still living with her ex-boyfriend he was a bit miffed she lied but was so attracted to her that he invited her to his room later on because their chemistry was undeniable.

When Flav took his dates to Red Lobster (Flavor of Love)

Flavor Flav basically was Beyoncé ten years ago. Real love is cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster.

When New York takes Chance and Whiteboy on a hot air balloon ride (I Love New York)

New York took Chance and Whiteboy up in the air but was more concerned if her hair was going up in flames.

When the lie detector test proved New York's feelings for Flav were true (Flavor of Love)

Flav brought in his former sorta girlfriend Brigitte Nielsen to conduct lie detector tests with the ladies. While some of the girls were flat-out lying (ahem Hottie) New York was legit about her growing feels for the tiny rapper.

When Somethin' left a gift for Flav on the floor (Flavor of Love)

Somethin' pooped on the floor but shet happens tho.

When Tiffany pleaded with Big John to let her in the house because she had a hat made (Rock of Love)

Tiffany was one of the unlucky ones who was eliminated before even stepping foot in the Rock of Love house but she banged on the door until she got Big John's attention and until he let her stay the night (because she "had a hat made!")

When New York had an erotic relationship with Ranch Dressing (I Love New York)

Who knew ranch dressing could create such an erotic experience? New York had the men make her ranch-themed dinners and in a bonus clip it was whole other level.

When Flav gave Hoopz her very own grill (Flavor of Love)

[mtvn_player vid="1272698"]

In the finale, Flav chose Hoopz over New York and gave Hoopz her very own custom grill. Yeah, boyyy!

When Jes thought Bret should have chosen Heather (Rock of Love)

Jes, the season one winner, basically admitted that Bret should have chosen runner-up Heather because she thought their love was the real deal.

When Tailor Made said he would get a penis implant for New York (I Love New York)

New York brought in her therapist to go do couple's counseling with each of the men left and when she role played in session with Tailor Made she asked him to get a penis implant. His answer? OK.

When Mindy kissed Bret at the reunion (Rock of Love)

Bret chose Taya but that didn't stop Mindy from coming out at the reunion and smooching the Poison frontman. Mindy said her biggest was regret was never just saying, "I love you" to Bret. (Also Bret kissed her back, like whoa.)

When Deelishis brought Flav to tears with her singing (Flavor of Love)

Deelishis wasn't feeling Krazy's vocals on their date with Flav and shut her down real quick while winning Flav's heart at the same time.

When Frank the Entertainer sucked New York's toes (I Love New York)

Frank (swoon) prepared a bath for New York and decided after a long day that she needed a bubble bath and a foot rub, with his tongue. Then he went in on her toes and sucked them dry. Romance!

When Heather got Bret Michael's name tattooed on her neck (Rock of Love)

After a drunken night, Heather got "Bret" inked on her and in an interview in 2014 she told us she still hadn't covered it up.