• Season 3, Ep 4

David Keeps Sarah For A Second Time

Although their relationship is progressing slowly, David chooses Sarah as his Keeper for a second time.

07/20/2016 ยท 1:48

>> Natalie and David, it's time

to choose your keepers and send

the others home.

David, which of these three

ladies did you feel the least

connected to?

>> Kendra...

this was a difficult situation.

You were put in here and I

understand your discomfort, but

I wished that you had handled it

differently because it would

have given me a chance to know

the best parts of you, instead

of parts that you may not have

wanted to display first.

>> I think David made a mistake.

I'm a great person.

I think Natalie is a bitch, and

if I could have hit her last

night, I would have.

>> Okay, David.

Who will remain here on the

island as your keeper?

>> Ona, you started off this

week and you were a little

fearful, admittedly Scary Mary.

My concern is that it's hard to

overcome everything that we went

through because it was so rough

at the beginning.

Sarah, we have a great dynamic

between the two of us.

It just grows slowly.

Though I can't tell you how much

I appreciate you being

level-headed, we have a limited

time on this island, and I

quickly need to see that spark

that I'm looking for while I'm


The decision that I made this

week after a good amount of

thought was...


I would like for you to stay and

be my keeper another week if

you'll stay.

>> I would love to stay and be

your keeper.

I am very excited I get to stay.

But it's been so crazy the last

couple of days that if I didn't

think there was something with

me and David, I would leave.

>> That means Ona will be

leaving the island today.

Any last words for David?

>> No.

I just appreciate the fact that

this is, like, the closest

connection I'll ever have to

a Tyler Perry lookalike.

>> [laughing]

>> Thank you so much for that


>> Well, Sarah, come on over and

join David.