• Season 3, Ep 4

Kendra Calls Natalie A Bitch

A friendly game of volleyball turns ugly when David's date, Kendra, calls Natalie a bitch and the women get physical.

07/20/2016 ยท 3:13

>> You care for anything else?

Something I can do for you?

>> No, I'm good.

I'm gonna try and steal David

for a sec.

>> Bob, my man.

>> You're the man.

>> You're the man.

>> Absolutely.

>> We'll be back.

>> All right.

>> The other two girls, I'm

completely comfortable with.

There's something about Natalie

I do not like whatsoever.

>> This is crazy.

This whole thing is crazy.

>> NATALIE: I kinda want to do

something fun.

>> DAVID: Like what?

>> Is this bitch for real?

When I see something that I

want, I go after it.

I don't let other people steal

it away from me.

>> We should all do a fun

volleyball game.

Boys against girls?

>> But you gonna lose though.

We are going to play some

volleyball this evening.

Guys versus girls.

And we fully intend on kicking

their ass.

>> Let's do this.

All right, ready?

Hit it.

>> SAM: Good job, Nat.

>> [screaming]

>> Whoa!

>> I'm good.

I'm good!

>> NATALIE: Are you all right?

>> I'm the ultimate athlete.

>> Oh!

That's my fault.

>> Don't doubt my volleyball

skills, David.

>> Hey.

>> Got it.

>> Okay.

>> DAVID: Oh, here's trouble.

Oh yeah, 5-4.

>> To us, David.

>> DAVID: Sorry.

>> Oh, I know.

>> Kendra is in her own world.

Like she kept saying things loud

and clear about how she doesn't

like me, and I just let it go

because I'm not going to take on

a girl's insecurity.

>> I don't know how to serve.

How do you serve?

>> I don't know if Natalie was

intimidated or what her problem


But she was just all about

David, and I wasn't having it.

>> Atta girl.

My girl's in.

>> I don't know why I came.

>> DAVID: Here you go, Sam.

>> [bleep] stupid.

>> NATALIE: I think your date's


>> DAVID: Kendra, you're


>> The problem is [bleep]


As soon as she [bleep] saw me.

She gave me a dirty [bleep]

look, she [bleep] looks at


Oh...hmm...bang me over.

And then she [bleep] looks at us

like we're a piece of [bleep].

I'm not putting up with that


Hey, Natalie!

>> Got it, got it, got it.

>> Why are you such a little

phony [bleep] bitch?

>> Whoa.

>> Excuse me?

>> Yeah.

Why are you such a phony bitch?

>> I don't even know who you


>> Oh no?


>> You're a [bleep] little whore

who shows everything?

>> Okay--

>> You're naked!

>> [bleep] by your dad!

You [bleep] whore!

>> Guys--

>> KENDRA: Come at me again you


>> [indistinct chatter]

>> Don't come in my face.

>> No, no, no.

>> Do not do that.

>> Girls, no.