• Season 3, Ep 4

Natalie Has No Keeper

During the elimination ceremony Natalie decides to not keep Sam, Tweed, or Bob.

07/20/2016 · 1:05

>> Well, with everything being

said, I have decided to keep...

nobody this week.

Rocsi, I unfortunately will not

have a keeper.

>> Wow, Natalie.

So, Sam, are you shocked by

Natalie's decision to send both

of you home?

>> No.

I'm not particularly shocked.

I think it was a well thought

out and a good decision.

It's a good sign that, you know,

there's something better coming


And she deserves that.

>> You as well.

You were awesome, Sam.

>> Thank you.

>> I got a lot from this


I mean, obviously, I shouldn't

have to defend the fact that I'm

a vampire.

But, in general, I think I'm

still a pretty stable guy.

>> Well, Natalie, I hope you use

your time back at the house

tonight to regroup and get ready

for a round of new daters.

For the rest of you, I'm sorry

it didn't work out.

But you'll be leaving the island


Natalie and David, enjoy your

night and I'll see you guys next


>> After this week, I feel like

the only person I really have is


We have a good relationship and

I just--I want it to grow.

Sarah's a great girl, but she's

not me.

>> ♪