• Season 5, Ep 15

Doug Puts Together A Surprise Wedding For Jackie

Doug shows up in Portugal and surprises Jackie with a beautiful castle wedding.

10/16/2016 ยท 3:07

- Hey, Mama.- Hi, babe!

[upbeat music]

- Surprise!

- What? What?- Oh, my God!


- Oh, my God.

- What? What?

- Oh, my God.Wait a minute.

That's my husband, and how in the hell are you

here with us in thisfaraway land at this castle?

And then my children to be there as well?

It's almost like a dream.

- Oh, my God! It's so awesome!- Hi, Mom.

- Hi, baby.- I love you.

- [crying]- I love you.

- How sweet.

How's that for planning?[laughter]

This is the most amazing time

I think I've ever hadin my life,

to see my family here.

I've been having a tough time

and now, to see them here,

it just feels likeeverything's been washed away.

When did you get here?- [stammering]

- What?

So you were fakingwhen I was calling you

that you were at home?

- Yeah, girl, we wasriding bikes in Portugal--


- Oh, my God.I don't believe this.

At this moment, I realized,that is why--

Whoo.I'm a little choked up,

but that is why I could notget him on the phone,

is because he was comingto be with me.

And it's special.


- So you got one hourto go get dressed.

We got your dressand stuff down there.

Chani's gonna help you.- Oh, my God.

- Toodle-loo!We shall see you shortly.

- Come on, you guys, help me.- Back to the palace, ladies.

- I can't even believe this.I am blown away.

My husband tells me"You got one hour to get ready,"

so I follow Chani, 'cause Chani's like,

"Come on," you know,"We got it ready."

What in the world?[all shouting]

- We walk into this room. There stands a makeup artist.

I see the makeup out on the table.

It's like, oh, my God.You guys thought of everything.

Like, I need a drink.

You know, it's just so amazing.

This moment is so special to me.

- So Jackie,how do you feel?

- I feel like I am walkingin a dream right now.

both: You deserve this.

- You have your prince charming.- Oh.

- Oh, my God,Jackie's so happy.

She has this permanent smile on her face.

I'm gonna make surethat I hold out

for my prince charming because

I should have a permanent grinon my face just like that.

- I've had some beautifulweddings, but this one just...

- The best.Gonna be the best.

Doug did good.

I mean, he has everythingin order for her.

Like, she literallydoesn't have to do anything

but walk and be happyand smile.

- Oh, my God.- That is so pretty.

- I am about to marry my husbandin a castle--in a palace.

For God's sakes,this is the biggest moment

in my--I could care lessabout some makeup.

I don't even care aboutthe dress.

I'll get marriedin what I have on,

but it is so special, thethought that they put into this.

Okay, go out thereand tell them here I come.

Say, "She comin'."Five minutes, I'll be out.

- The bride is coming!