• Season 5, Ep 14 · Bonus

Malaysia Knows What Jackie Likes

Jackie approaches Malaysia with a negative attitude. Malaysia knows that a little humping will shut Jackie up and calm her down.

10/09/2016 · 1:40

[music playing]

JACKIE: OK, I'm feelingsome type of way

and I'm gone come talk tomy mother [bleep] friend

before I even get any worse.

Are you mad?

Bitch, what?

Don't be mother[bleep] mad at me,

because I'm not playingwith you, Malaysia.

I love you, and I'm not[bleep] feeling this [bleep].


Goddammit, no.

I put sand on your [bleep] feet.


Are you serious?

My feelings is hurt.


Because you ain't,like, loving me up,

you ain't talkingto me, nothing.

I don't [bleep]like that [bleep]

Did I talk toanybody on the bus?


But I just want to know now.

If we gone fight, Malaysia,take your [shit] off,

and let's fight right here.

You know I don't never backdown from no opportunity.

Come on.


Just to show Jackie Idon't have a issue with her,

I just kind of,like, just grabbed

her and tackled herdown, because she

likes that kind of stuff.


Maybe it'll shuther up for a minute.

Hump her a little bit.

BACKGROUND SINGING:Are you ready for this?

My god, this is so sexy!

I've never touchedMalaysia in this way.

You're juicy!

Your skin is smooth, andyou've got these curves

and these round areas.

No, take it off.

Like, your buttis, like, jingly.

You're like candy to a kid.

You know, you're themcookies after school.

That's why your butt's showing.

Like all for fun, butnot really, Malaysia.

You already know.

BACKGROUND SINGING:Are you ready for this?

You guys drinking?Anybody drinking?

BACKGROUND SINGING:Are you ready for this?

JACKIE: Who want a drink?