• Season 5, Ep 14 · Bonus

Jackie Lives In Her Own World

Jackie can turn almost any topic into a sexual conversation and it makes all of the ladies uncomfortable.

10/09/2016 · 1:47

[music playing]




Come here!

The accordion, I hadan accordion for years.

And I don't have it anymore.

You did not have one.

Yes, I did.

I had three accordions.

So you know how to play?

Yes, I can play thehell out of an accordion.

ANGEL LOVE: Why don'tyou go play one?


Jackie lives in her own world.

JACKIE: These people live adifferent lifestyle out here.

They make love all day.

That's it.

They're not stressed out.

I like-- that's sexy.

You just wait for your orgasm.

Sorry.I'm sorry.

I'm tired of this[bleep] right now.

I'm sorry, Brandi.

What are you talkingabout, Jackie?

Jackie is weird.

She always goes sexualwith everything.

Like she-- I don't know.

You're going to hityour [bleep] prime,

and then you guys gonna know.

Watch, she gonna call mein about five, ten years

and be like, Jackie--

Can you imagine when he bitesyou how you would just explode?

Girl, what?

That's what life's all about.

Otherwise you just---That doesn't even sound sexy.

That's, like, painful.

He's sexy.

It's not like [moaning] No.

Because you don't know him.

He's mysterious.

Like, you don't knowwhat he looks like.

No, girl.

When he takes that cape off, buthe's all muscle-y and [bleep].

I'm telling you guys.

You don't know.

They don't know.

Is Dracula still-- Whatthe [bleep] is Dracula?

Is that even real?

Do you think he was ugly?


SHAUNIE: Who arewe talking about?

You think Dracula was ugly?


Them women would fallinto his spelling

and be like, come on, bite me,and just put they neck out.

He was fine.