• Season 5, Ep 14

Tami Starts A Game Of Truth Or Dare

The ladies play truth or dare to spice things up during their time in Portugal.

10/09/2016 · 2:53

He's gonna divorce me, Malaysia.

- Okay, let's playtruth or dare.

- Yes!- Whoo-whoo!

- As far as I'm concerned,I got everything off my chest,

so I decide to start a gameof truth or dare.

- Okay.- Okay, truth or dare?

- Jackie likes to playtruth-truth.

- Truth.- Truth?

I like to play truth too.

Have you ever been [bleep]in the [bleep]?

- Yes, once, and it hurt,so he only put it halfway in,

and I said, "Don't do that."

- "Don't do that.All right, Doug, that's not it."

[quirky music]

- Ew.

- Truth or dare, uh, Brinksy?- Go ahead, give me a dare.

- Oh, I dare you to kiss--I'm like, I'm gonna set you up

with a--- Yeah, kiss who?

- A Portugue--when we--when we get to this place.

- Oh, [bleep].Okay.

- You know, we'll find youa nice one.

- Oh, I like that, Angel.- We'll find you a nice one.

- No!

Do she got to tongue kiss himor just kiss him?

- No, no.

- Yeah, want you to get aroused,so tongue kiss him.

- Oh, my God, Jackie.- Wait, what?

That's asking for too much.

- We want to seethe nipples hard.


You could show them right now.

- To who?- Us!

Right now.- No!


- Ooh, I like this.

- See, I knew this was gonna be a good game to play.

Now we have a littleentertainment going.

- Brandi, truth or dare?

- I'll do a dare.

- You got to do a dare with me.

- Okay, you haveto find a guy and...

[tense music]

Slow dance with him.

[music warps]


- I can do that.I can do that.

- Wah-wah-wah.

You know, if you're gonna havea dare, can it be exciting?

- We need to find this dudefor her to go kiss.

Oh, wait, there's one.

Look, in the blue shirt. - ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

- Get him.Yeah, him.

- Ooh!- He is kind of sexy.

[all yelling]

[woman singing indistinctly]

♪ Shake that down

♪ Living fancy

♪ You want it all

♪ Got that fever

♪ Fireball

[singing indistinctly]

- I need you to do me a favor.

Can you make a muscle?Can you do that?

Look, Angel.Angel, look.

- Come on.Go, Angel.

- ♪ Want to be my Superman? - She's got something for you.

- ♪ Do what the other boys can't ♪

- Can I give youa kiss on the cheek?

- On the cheek.On your cheek.

- No, on the mouth.- Look that way.

No, no, no, no.

- Ooh, come on!- He turned back.

I like his style.- You can't turn your head.

- Angel, show him your bootyand then go.

- Get it, Angel!- Yeah!

[all cheering]

- Look at her lipstick.

- Thank you.- Thank you.

- [speaks indistinctly].- Thank you.

- Hey, wasn't you supposedto do something?

- Brandi, you have to.

Oh, here's one.- Anybody know how to dance?

- Oh, yeah, get him, Malaysia.- Oh, God.

- Hi.- Come on, Brandi.

[all yelling]

- You got to shake it!

Shake it!- Yes, Brandi!

- Brandi's whole booty is out.

- She is a freak!

She gonna tease him first.- Back it up a little bit!

[all yelling]


- Brandi, he said, "Ooh!"