• Season 5, Ep 15 · Bonus

Jackie + Doug Have The Key

Some of the ladies want to know the secret to a long and successful marriage. The ladies ask Doug and Jackie how they’ve managed to make their relationship last 20 years.

10/16/2016 · 2:24

[music playing]

So, Mr. and Mrs.Christie, what is

the key to a successful,happy marriage for so long?

My first tell the key foryou to snatch 'em and get

'em, then the key to love.


That wasn't a thing.That wasn't a thing.

That wasn't a thing.


You know what Iwould have to say,

is there have to be some typeof chemistry between the two

of you.And you will know it.

And then I thinkbeing married so long

is more sacrifice,because things

are going to always be perfect.

Sometimes there mightbe ups and downs, like I

was telling all of you guys.

But you have tosay, you know what?

Maybe this time it's timefor me to shut my mouth,

be quiet, and listen to my mate,and what they're telling me

I have to do.

Really, Miss Christie?

That's the funniest thing ever.

When do you ever bequiet and listen to what

someone else have to say?

Like, never.

Let the man always be the king.

So I think it'scommunication and sacrifice.

There has to be a levelof trust, you guys.

I'm just saying.

If my man is somewhere, and Ifeel like he's doing something,

and we're in a differentcity, that night he's tripping

or whatever, the nextmorning I'm there.

I'm on a flight.

Oh, see, you get it all.

I'm on the flightknocking on the door.

See, I could've.

-You guys can't do all that.-Oh, no.

I'm there.-Or, wait.

Let me tell you guysabout the hotel.

You know how ourguys be in the hotel,

and they used to put do notdisturbs on their phone?

Have you all ever did that?

Because they talk about-- oh,I had to sleep for practice.

So I got to putthe do not-- well,

you just send security up there.

My uncle's in that room.

I think he had a heart attack.

Kick in the door if it's locked.

So they used to goup there and go off.

And Doug would answerthe door, and there was

a party going on up in there.


So that's what keeps themarriage alive is trust,

and communication, right?

And sacrifice.

And sacrifice.

And I was fine.

So [bleep] go ahead.

Tell them that.

I was like, I'm about to go kickit but then he was like, oh,


I'm going to goahead and marry you.

Come on.

And if my son wasn't here--close your ears for a second.

He said-- close them.

He said the ice cream was good.

Oh, [bleep].

[inaudible] well, then she'sgoing to hate me forever.

Well, I don't wantdessert no more.

But I had ice creamand cake in mind.

But never mind.