• Season 5, Ep 15

Duffey Gets Sent Home

Jackie and Malaysia tell Duffey she needs to go home.

10/16/2016 ยท 2:51

- The last thing I wantedwas for me and Tami

to have to physically fight.

Like, I'm a grown-ass womanwith a business and a child.

That's why yesterday,I was so quiet,

because the last thingI want to do

is cause me and Tamito fight and you have to get

in the middle of it.

I'm feeling really confused right now.

I'm feeling upset.

I definitely feel likeTami is legit crazy,

like...to be a woman of her age

and to feel like you haveto run around a hotel building

to find somebodyfor expressing how they feel,

it's--it's not normal at all.

I'm like, "Yo, what's up?All right, let's talk about it."

And when I wantto talk about it,

she wants to get upfrom the table and walk away.

- Duffey sacrificed just to go on a girl's trip,

come for Jackie,come for my birthday,

and just to relaxand I kinda feel bad for her.

- Clearly,she's not woman enough

and grown up enoughto sit and communicate with me

and have a conversation,and she feels like she has

to come around the tableto physically fight me.

- It is so hard for me to deliver this news

to Duffey because I knowhow important it is for her

to be here with us.She wants to make things right

with Tami and it's justnot working out that way.

- She came for me to,like, attack me.

- She is angry,and she feels like

if you stay, it's gonna befight on site every time.

So my thing--- I'm not putting her--

I'm not putting her...- Right.

- In a situation to be--- Right.

- I'm not--I don't want to be around her.

I don't want to benowhere near...

- And as much as it hurts me,Duff, 'cause like--

and you know,I don't want to have to be like,

"Oh, Duff,could you not be here,"

but I almost--I'm at a crossroads where

I have to say I thinkit's better for your safety,

for the safetyof everybody involved.

- I don't think it's safe,and I, like,

I think thatyou guys need to separate.

To the point is--what got usto the point is that,

you know, like,let's just disperse.

I think Duffey is scared [bleep]less.

As long as Tami knowsthat the body is warm

and is in her ten-mile radius,she's gonna come for it.

So yeah, boo,thanks for coming.

Tami is Jackie's friend...- I agree.

- And, like, you and Jackieare just meeting each other,

so it is only rightthat Tami stays

with her friend and you go.- It's only right.

Like, I'm missing money.I could be working right now.

Like, it's a lot of thingsthat I can do,

so you be a friendto your friend,

and I will go on tourlike I'm supposed to be doing

and make my moneyinstead of getting fired.

- I feel bad for Duffeybecause I feel like

she's taking one for the team

and with one lady not wantingto be around her

for whatever reason,it's just I know

that Duffey's kinda hurt inside.

Why is everythingfalling on Duffey?

- So I am perfectly finewith going back home

and going to work,and, you know,

doing what I gotta do.

To some people,it might look like

I'm running away.To me, I'm being smart.

These ladies are [bleep] crazy.

[bleep] this [bleep].