• Season 5, Ep 15

Shaunie + Tami Surprise Jackie

Shaunie and Tami feel terrible about missing Jackie's wedding, so they put together a rose filled, roof top, dance.

10/16/2016 · 2:10

- Oh, this is so sweet.- I hope they like it.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

- It is.It's a beautiful thing.

Tami and I feel awful

about missing Dougand Jackie's wedding,

so we had to plan a little something special.

We found out that they didn'tget a dance at their wedding.

- You told herwhat time to come?

- Yes. Any second now.

- Oh, my God.[cheers]

It would be you two!This is absolutely beautiful.


Thank you guys.Oh, my God.

- This is off the hook.

- We asked the girlsand they told us

that you didn't have a dance.- Right.

- So we found...- Oh!

- Your favorites.- That you love.

- Oh, my God!You brought a--

There's the man that was singing

the very first day of our sightseeing

with his guitarready to play music

for Doug and I,and I about faint.

- [singing in Portuguese]

- Love you.

- Are you happy?

- [singing in Portuguese]

- The look on their faces. I almost wanted to cry.

You could see that she felt we were trying to do

something good and show her some love.

Over the courseof Jackie's journey

with the different setsof girls,

no one has really said,"Hey, Jackie,

we genuinely care about you."

So I think she felt that in this moment from Shaunie and I.

- I couldn't have dreamedof this.

It's likeI'll never ever forget.

- Good.- We're so glad you're happy.

I'm feeling so good.I see the look on Jackie's face.

Doug seems extremely happy.Feel the love in the air.

And on that note,peace out, Portugal.

- This is sweet, right?- Oh, my God.

- I've never seen this.- It is stunning.

It's just, like, the best.

- A good way to end off 20.- Yes.

An amazing wayto end off 20.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪