• Season 5, Ep 14

Tami Thinks She Might Be Pregnant

While in Portugal Tami's mind seems to be somewhere else. Tami privately tells Shaunie that she thinks she may be pregnant.

10/09/2016 · 3:04

- Ooh, it's pretty.

- Very nice.

- What is that, tennis courts?

Oh, girl.

- See, this is--this will makeyou want to move here.

- For a hot second.

- Just this view right here.- Right.

- Out there.- Right.

- I wanted to talk to Shaunie this morning

because I've beenholding onto a secret,

and she's the perfect personto share it with.

So anyway, girl.

- Oh, [bleep].

- You know when I start this--- Right, right.

- When I go here with it--- With the eyes closed.

- You know, I'm just sittingback watching everything

that's going on,you know what I mean?

And I'm just like--likeyesterday with the whole Duffey

situation, it's like,you want to go there,

we can go there, you know,but in the back of my mind

I've got so many things goingon, you know, personally

'cause I might be pregnant.

- [gasps]

Oh, then don't go there!


I'm kind of speechless.

I don't even know what to say.

She could be pregnant.

This could be awesome,so do we get a pregnancy test?

What do we do?

How long before you knowofficially?

- Well, I want to take a testhere with you

'cause I went online, and it'slike, what's the first day

of your last period, you know,and then they tell you

when you should take the test.

- Okay, and you're inthat window?

- I'm--yeah, like,today's the first day.

Like, "Okay, you cantest today,"

and then tomorrow's like,"Test away,"

you know what I mean?- Okay, okay.

- So I want to do it here withyou tomorrow before we go home.

- Yay!

- But I'm scared'cause if I'm not pregnant,

then I don't know why it's late,and then--

- Are you--are you one of thosepeople that are like clockwork?

- I am.I am.

- Okay.

- So then that's what--where I would be fearful.

Like, well, is it, like,a pre-menopause?

And then that means I can't haveno baby at all--

- Listen.

- And that means me and Reggiewon't be together,

so it's, like, a whole lot ofthings going through my mind

that ain't got [bleep] to dowith the bitches on this trip.

- No.No, no, no, no, no.

Let's throw that out 'causeI don't--I think you're--no.

That's not it.- Okay.

- We're gonna throw thatoff the balcony.

- All right, let's throw it off.- Menopause is just gone, yeah.

- Bye.- No, no.

- Go somewhere.We're gonna--

- 'Cause your mom hada baby late, right?

- Yes, at 48.

- See, that gives meso much hope.

- Yes.

- Every woman knows that whenyou feel pregnant,

you go through the morningsickness, you have headaches,

you start eating like a pig,

you don't fit your clothesanymore, and, you know,

I've been doing all of that,so if I ain't pregnant,

then I'm just a fat,greedy bitch

who can't fit her clothesanymore.

- Have you told Reggie it's a--- No.

- Okay.- No.

- Yeah, don't--don't lift him upto possibly--

- Yeah.- I got you.

- So I'm just keeping itto myself,

figure out what's going on.

- So there will be no fighting.

- Can't confirm that.Can't confirm that.

- No getting worked up.- Can't confirm that.

- Mm-hmm, I'm just gonna keepreminding you.

- Can't confirm any of that.

- I'm gonna throw it out.Nope.

- Until I take the test whereI know for sure in my mind,

then I'm gonna keep livingas--as usual.

- I'ma just throw out, "Nope,Tami," every now and then,

and you'll knowwhat I'm talking about.

- [laughs]- Nope.

- Yeah, 'cause I don't want thembitches in my business.

I don't want them to knowwhat's going on.

- Right.I'ma just yell out, "No."

- I don't.Come on, let's go to this beach.