• Season 5, Ep 15

Tami Takes A Pregnancy Test

After feeling like she may be pregnant, Tami takes a pregnancy test.

10/16/2016 · 3:35

- Resultado...both: In five minutos.

- Okay, so we gotta sitfor five minutes

to wait on the damn resultsthat could give me

a heart attackeither way they go?

- Pretty much.Chug a lot. Tinkle.

- Today is the day I can finallydo this early pregnancy test

thing to see if I'm actually pregnant.

So I found a little extra energy, got off the couch,

and I had the concierge go outand get me a pregnancy test.

- Should I talk to you,you know,

while you pee or just silent?- I don't know, girl.

Let me try and seewhat I can get going.

- Okay, let's see.- Okay.

[peeing]- Come on. There we go.

- I probably should haveput this in a cup.

- Five minutos! - Five minutos.

We on the countdown.- Starts now.

- We on the mother[bleep]countdown.

I'm a little nervous.Lay this flat.

There's a lot weighingon this test.

Stress.Just gonna try to just...

- Relax.What are you thinking this is?

In your mind,what's your first thought?

- I want to be pregnantso badly...

- Yeah.- That I hope I'm not

stressing myself outand causing this issue.

- Mm-hmm.But I just feel like--

- You're pregnant.- Yeah...

- You do?- Yeah.

- That's a good thing.See, you didn't tell me

you felt like it.- But that could just be

my desire of, like,wanting to be.

- It could. It could.But I didn't know you felt like

you were.That's a good sign.

Let me look.

I know it's notfive minutes yet.

Wait, where's the box?

- Do we have one line or two?

- Just tell mewhere the box is.

- Do we have one or two?

- Come on, Tami,tell me where the box--

- Do we have one or two?- What do we want?

- How many minutes has it been?What do we want?

Who's been keeping track,me or you?

- What do we want?One or two?

- We need two.

- Okay. We--we have the onethat comes regardless.

- Can I look?

No. No.

It's not, 'cause there would be,like, a little, like,

faint inkling thatanother line is coming up there.

[slow music]

- Hm. Tami.

That just means youand Reggie keep trying.

That's the fun part.I'm sorry.

♪ ♪

- Oh. I really thought...

- I know, I know, I know.I'm so sorry.

- [groans]

Emotionally and physically,I don't think that

I can go throughanother situation of trying

and having it not happen,

or tryingand having another miscarriage.

I think that Reggie and I really have to have

a conversation.- Tami...

- We just keep tryingand it just doesn't work.

- Don't go too deepwith this, Tami.

Reggie loves you.He's not going nowhere.

♪ ♪

- I'm gonnahave to break up with him.

- You are not!Why are you doing that?

- Yes, I am.- No, you're not.

- We're gonna have to.

- Do you think that's whathe wants? I doubt it.

- I know what he wants.- And you're not a part of that?

- I think he loves meand he wants us to be together,

but he's so muchyounger than me.

He's never had a kid.He wants a kid too.

- So in your mind,you really believe this man

will break up with you

because you're nothaving this baby right now?

- No, I'm gonna break upwith him because I'm not

having this baby right now.

- Tami is understandably upset, but Tami, it's not over.