• Season 5, Ep 15 · Bonus

Jackie Gives All Of The Ladies A Parting Gift

It’s their last day in Portugal and Jackie has gifts for the ladies. Each of the ladies gets something Jackie feels will help them in future relationships.

10/16/2016 · 2:06

[music playing]

Today, we're flying out.

We're going back to LA.

And I want to get allthe girls together just

to thank them for comingand just one last hangout

before we go.

You guys, thank youso much for coming.

This has been amazing.

And I'm glad you all had agood time, because I did.

And I would not tradethis in for the world.

TAMI: What's in the bags?

These are gifts for you guys.

And I will pass them out.

That's Tami's.

This one is Angel Love.

MALAYSIA: Jackiehas gifts for us.

And I know it's goingto be something nasty.

I know her.

She's nasty.

These will help you guysin your future relationship


I actually used mine last night.

So it's in the room,soaking in antiseptic.


Oh, my god.

She gave us batteries.


You guys ain't gone use them?

TAMI: I'm gonna use mine.

JACKIE: Thank you, Tami.

[interposing voices]

JACKIE: There's batteries in--If you put the batteries in,

they go three.

Remember I told you guys in LA?

It's speeds?

JACKIE: Yeah, the speeds,and it gets strong.

So they willdefinitely satisfy you.

You put all of thisinside of you, child?

So Jackie gives us dildos.

Hope she didn't use it first.

Why is hers humongous?

JACKIE: Becase it wasBrandi's birthday,

and Brandi said she liked it.


JACKIE: Happy birthday, Brandi.

Don't put that insideof your vijay, girl.

Shaunie's totallyuncomfortable.

No, no, no, I'm just fascinatedby Brandi's being that large.

Why did I get the big dildo?

Look, my stuff ain't big.

So I need the small one.


Thank you.

[interposing voices]

Yes, salute.