• Season 5, Ep 14

Jackie Paints An Erotic Tile Piece

Jackie takes the ladies to make tile. Jackie descides to paint a very interesting figure on her tile.

10/09/2016 · 1:20

- This is lovely.

We're in Lisbon, Portugal,for God sakes.

They are known for their tile,so I want to take the girls out

and make some tile, things that we can take home with us

that we can cherishthe rest of our lives.

all: Cheers.

- Cheers, everybody.

- Cheers.

- Okay, okay.

- We're gonna make tile.

I love tile. I actually do really.

I do.

I built one of my homesfrom ground up,

so I'm okay with that.

How come we don't do this kindof stuff at home, yo?

[exotic music]

- Oh, yeah, this is beautiful.Look at this.

I'm just gonna make what I'm thinking right now,

and what I'm thinking aboutis something beautiful...

So I start drawing breasts.

I have to put the nipples,you know,

'cause I'm--I'm an areola girl.

If they're bigand they're juicy, hey,

I know Doug'll love it,and I think it's beautiful.

- ♪ Ass a ten

♪ Ass a ten

- Yeah, that's beautiful.

- Why's she got sucha hairy bush?


- [groans]

- That's not attractive.

- Jackie's tile ends up being a naked lady with a hairy bush

and saggy titties.

Self portrait, I'm assuming.

[quirky music]