• Season 3, Ep 11

Zakk Disrespects Natalie

When Natalie learns what Zakk said to Connor, the three of them have a major confrontation.

09/07/2016 ยท 2:35

>> I'm not gonna lie to you,

dude, when I got eliminated it

was like...rough.

It was rough.

It's so weird talking to

somebody who's like competing

with Natalie too.

>> Doesn't even feel like a


>> But I do want Natalie.

>> Want Natalie, yeah.

We [bleep] really, really

connected and heart [bleep]

split in two because, like...

>> CONNOR: Oh really.

>> Yeah.

>> When he said, "I slept with

Natalie," it definitely rubbed

me the wrong way.

I would never put Natalie on a

spot like that, or put on her

blast like that.

It's disrespectful.

Zakk showed me some

weakness tonight.

>> Like what?

>> He felt the need to tell me

some explicit details of your


>> Like him and I?

>> Mm-hmm.

In, I believe, an attempt to try

and intimidate me.

>> That really makes me mad.

My private life is my private

life, and if Connor is telling

the truth, then I will be upset.

>> Okay, why did you tell Connor

explicit details--

>> I--I never, out of my mouth,

gave him any explicit details,


Are you serious?

You're gonna do this to me now?

I really did--

>> I need to know.


I just...

>> No.

Actually, come on.

Let's go talk to him right now.

This whole thing's about

you being able to trust me.

So, let's go. Come on.

>> Here I am, yet again, with

Zakk stuck in-between

a he said/he said battle.

I'm so sick of it.


>> CONNOR: Yeah?

>> Can Zakk and I come in?

>> CONNOR: Yeah.

>> It just scares me.

>> Did I ever look you in the

face and say me and Natalie had


>> You said you slept together.

>> I may have said, like, we

slept together, but I didn't say

like we [bleep].

>> What the hell?

It's obvious we have a


You don't have to share to

everyone what we have.

>> I would never disrespect

Natalie that way.

I wouldn't disrespect you that

way, I wouldn't disrespect a

[bleep] human being that way.

>> CONNOR: All right.

>> That's not who I am.

>> Let's put it this way, at the

end of the day, you told me you

slept with her.

>> Why are you trying to start


>> I'm not starting [bleep]?

>> I don't know what you're

trying to like pull out of your

sleeve to, like, make me look

like that asshole because I'm

[bleep] not an asshole, dude.

>> I've never called you an


>> Then why are you trying to

make me look like one?

Do you really want to go there

with me right now?

>> I mean--

>> I'm--no, it's none of your

[bleep] business.

>> NATALIE: Oh my God.

[unintelligible] so much.