• Season 3, Ep 11

Can Natalie and Michelle Clear The Air?

After the elimination ceremony, Natalie tries to make things right with Michelle.

09/07/2016 · 2:58

♪ Love you, I mean it ♪

>> Shall we celebrate?

>> We shall.

>> I made the right choice

keeping Connor today.

We're constantly growing in our


But, David and I finally had

that kiss and now I'm distracted

with David.

Two weeks left.

>> Kinda crazy, huh?

>> I remember when David and I

first walked into this house and

how awkward we were and now it's

like ah, just another day.

>> [laughing]

>> This is the first time where

David and I are keeping the same

keepers two weeks in a row.

However, I don't like David's


>> Cheers.

>> NATALIE: Cheers.


What did you think about


Do you think I overreacted?

>> Even though Michelle's my

keeper, like, I don't ever want

you to--to feel like I'm not

gonna have your back.

>> Yeah, but I don't want to

come in between--I mean, I do,

but I don't want to come in

between your keepers.

Like, I just don't want you

to lose focus of why you're


Because there have been other

girls here that have a lot more

to offer.

>> Uh-huh.

>> Michelle is one of the first,

if not the first, girls here

that Natalie really doesn't get

along with.

I'm in a tough spot.

>> Sometimes when you're in it,

you don't see things.

But when you're out of it, you

see a lot.

>> But don't think I don't see.

>> I don't know.

>> Okay.

Well, I'm going to bed.

>> Tired man.

>> Shut up.

Goodnight, dear.

>> [sighs]

For David's sake, maybe I

should talk to Michelle.

Hash it out a little bit.

And we can just start over.

Maybe we can be friends.

I just, kind of, want you to

know where I'm coming from.

You've been all over David.

I feel like you're just like

he's mine, don't talk to him.

>> I do have a limited time with

David so, you know, I make the

most of it.

Natalie's threatened by me, and

it's actually hilarious to me,

because I think it's clear to

everyone that David and I are a

really good match.

So, get used to it, you know.

>> This whole time, David and I

have never really talked about

our relationship.

And these past two weeks,

like, it has been intimate,

and it just makes

things so much more difficult.

>> See, I kind of feel like

you're lying.

I don't feel any physical

connection with you guys.

>> You don't really get David

and I's relationship?

>> I do get it.

I feel like I'm very intuitive,

and I get it pretty well.

When I look at him with you, I

can see that it's just not the

way that he's looking at me.

>> No [bleep] he doesn't look at

you the way he looks at me.

You're a piece of meat, I'm an

actual relationship.

Oh, this girl gets me so angry.

You shouldn't sell our

relationship short.

You just have no idea right now.

>> My hope would be that, going

forward, you know, we can stay

out of each other's way a little


>> All right.