VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: La La Adjusts To Life In Las Vegas

This week we were treated to a double dose of La La’s Full Court Life where La La received some heartfelt advice from her friend and costar, Kevin Hart, and later went on a scavenger hunt throughout Las Vegas. From starting her new clothing line and promoting her makeup line to starring in a major film, we loved seeing La La’s growing success this season.

On Hollywood Exes, things got a little hairy when Mayte flipped out over Shamicka and Nicole wearing fur while Stu was shocked to learn that he went on a date with Steve’s sister, Monica Ward. From season finales to shocking moments, VH1’s prime time line-up kept us on our toes. Check out our favorite moments of the past week.

La La's Full Court Life: Carmelo Organizes A Scavenger Hunt For La La

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After spending weeks away from her family and friends, it is clear that La La misses home. In order to cheer her up, Carmelo organizes a scavenger hunt for La La that begins with Dice’s arrival to Las Vegas. When their first stop of their treasure hunt includes a magic show, La La is given another surprise when Po is revealed on stage as part of the magic act. As Carmelo continues to give La La a small taste of home, we cannot help but gush over how the scavenger hunt is such a romantic gesture. Lucky La La!

Hollywood Exes: Mayte Flips Out Over Fur

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If there is one thing we know about Mayte, it is that she is extremely passionate about animals. Remember when she posed for PETA? While in Park City with the ladies, Mayte becomes furious when she sees Shamicka and Nicole wearing fur to go out to dinner. Given that the women are in the freezing, snowy, cold weather, can you blame them for wanting to be warm? Nevertheless, Mayte becomes extremely angry and refuses to go out to dinner with them. Did Mayte overreact?

Basketball Wives: Did Evelyn Cause The Fight With Chad?

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As Evelyn continues her long process of recovery and healing, she meets with a therapist to discuss what took place the night she and Chad fought. We cannot imagine how extremely difficult it must be to re-open old wounds and deal with the past. In order to move forward, the therapist questions if Evelyn may have said or done anything to provoke Chad’s actions. Did Evelyn's temper play a part in Chad's reaction?

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: Shekinah and Tiny Drink Tea

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After multiple times of expressing that she wants to be white, Shekinah and Tiny organize a bunch of “white girl” activities such as sipping tea, attending a yoga class, and bike riding in the park. We couldn’t help but laugh when Shekinah and Tiny make a scene at the tea house by talking loudly and asking questions to the young women around them. After all this time of wanting to know what it’s like to be a white girl, we wonder if Shekinah will discover if the grass really is greener on the other side.

Marrying The Game: Can The Game and Tiffney Find A Balance?

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In an effort to start fresh, The Game takes Tiffney out to a romantic dinner to the place where they had their first date. While out to dinner, the two take a trip down memory lane and discuss how much they both have changed since then. While talking about this topic, The Game compares growing up to riding a bicycle and this analogy really helps Tiffney to understand things more clearly. It appears that she and The Game might be on the same page, and we think this is definitely a step in the right direction for their relationship.

Tough Love: Co-Ed: "Heather" aka Monica Surprises Stu During Group

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When Stu thinks he had an amazing date with Heather, he is shocked to learn that not only did Heather see him at the bar the night before, but Heather is actually Steve’s sister Monica. We loved seeing Stu’s reaction and watching the player get played! Monica and Steve discuss Steve’s Jekyll and Hyde personalities and how he needs to put his player personality on the sideline in order to have a successful relationship in the future.

Did Mayte overreact about the fur? Is Evelyn to blame for the fight with Chad? Will Stu be able to stop being a player?

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moments This Week?