VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Suzie Confronts Tasha On 'Basketball Wives'

This week VH1 was all about drama drama DRAMA! On Basketball Wives, Suzie decides that it’s time to stand up for herself as she confronts Tasha about her disrespectful behavior. However, when Suzie comes to the conversation full force, things end in chaos.

On Hollywood Exes, Jessica calls Shamicka a “hood rat” not realizing the negative connotation of her statement while Sassy decides to quit working at the tattoo shop on Black Ink Crew. Meanwhile Judy and Porsche battle it out in a heated argument on Tough Love: Co-Ed. With all the hostility and intensity in the air, VH1’s prime time line-up had us glued to our TV screens all week long. Check out our favorite moments from this past week.

Basketball Wives: Suzie Confronts Tasha

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After Tasha ignored Suzie when asking the other ladies why they didn’t attend her birthday party, Suzie felt disrespected. In an effort to not allow people to walk all over her, Suzie decides to confront Tasha about her dismissive and disrespectful behavior. However, things go way left before the conversation even really begins because Suzie starts with a "F*** you!" to Tasha. We’re all about Suzie standing up for herself, but this does not seem like the best way to go about it. As a result, a hostile argument erupts between Suzie and Tasha.

Hollywood Exes: Jessica Calls Shamicka A "Hood Rat"

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Jessica is always getting in trouble for something she says or how she says it. Although her intentions are generally good, the women (especially Drea) will not stand for it anymore. While Drea is showing the other women how to properly dance on a pole as part of her birthday celebration, Jessica makes a questionable comment when Shamicka gives it a try. While working the pole, Jessica cheers on Shamicka and calls her a “hood rat.” Thankfully, Sheree is the only one who hears the comment and she promises Jessica that she will keep it to herself...but as we soon learn, Sheree’s lips are not sealed.

Miami Monkey: Cristina Steals Nate Away From Ryan

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After flirting with both Ryan and Cristina, Nate invites both of them out for some fun in the sun (but Ryan doesn’t know Nate invited Cristina!). While Nate teaches Ryan how to paddle board, Cristina unexpectedly joins the date and causes some disruption and chaos. As Cristina and Nate end up splashing around in the water (and Cristina trying to put the moves on Nate), Roxanne and Ryan watch from the sand in disbelief. Disgusted, Ryan vows to be done with Nate and gracefully back down. Will Ryan eventually change her mind?

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: Will King and Domani Pass The Test?

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After seeing Domani and King’s report cards, T.I. hires a tutor to help his sons be better prepared for the upcoming school year. After being tutored and having studied on their own, King and Domani are tested by T.I. in order to show what they’ve learned and earn back their cellphones. We love seeing T.I. share his fatherly wisdom with his sons and show them the importance of education. Just another reason why T.I. is our favorite father on television!

Black Ink Crew: Sassy Quits Black Ink

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In Season One, Ceaser fired O'S**t, Alex left Black Ink, and in the premiere episode of Season Two, Puma left the shop. As the number of employees continue to diminish, in the most recent episode Sassy joins the group of “Black Ink Crew Exiles” as she decides that her time at Black Ink must come to an end. After hearing that everyone in the shop was joking around about a rumor that she and Teddy slept together, Sassy confronts Ted about what was said. Once she addresses the issue with him, unexpectedly she announces that she is quitting Black Ink. In a shocking turn of events, we cannot wait to see how this will affect the shop!

Tough Love: Co-Ed: Judy and Porsche Fight

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Ever since the start of boot camp, not only has Porsche been known as “Miss High Maintenance”, but she has shown us her attitude. When Porsche and Kyle begin fighting, Judy steps in to Kyle’s defense. Of course, Porsche doesn’t like Judy’s meddling and things quickly turn into a heated argument between Judy and Porsche. With voices yelling and hands moving all over, it’s hard to decipher what these women are arguing about. Nevertheless, the hostile argument lands Porsche in the hot seat at the end of the week.

Should Suzie have been so aggressive with Tasha? Should Jessica apologize for calling Shamicka a “hood rat”? Who started the fight between Judy and Porsche?

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?