• Season 3, Ep 10 · Bonus

Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 10: Naked Bloopers

From Helen's outrageous comments to silliness happening back out the house, watch these funny shenanigans from Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 10!

08/31/2016 · 2:37

>> ♪

♪ When I met ya

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> Do you think it's harder for

the guy to be naked or the girl

to be naked?

>> I feel like it's harder for

the guy, because then he can get


>> I mean, my friends asked me

like, "Dude, what happens if

like you're like full mast the

whole time?"

>> Full mast. [laughs]

>> NATALIE: I've been waiting

for that [bleep] to happen.

Like I just want a guy to walk

up to me with a--with a [bleep]

penis, so I can--

>> You want that?

>> [bleep] yeah.

I'm naked at an island.

And it would be hilarious.

>> Okay, I'm actually really

blind at night.

I probably shouldn't be driving

at night.

Okay, so like when I'm turning,

I'm just like...

>> Okay.

>> My friends are like, "Okay,

"I'm just gonna close my eyes

and hope I get home."

>> Okay.


>> I'm scared of chickens,

because when I was a kid, there

was a huge cock like chasing me

around and pecked me on my head.

It's a weird phobia.

I love to eat chicken.

Don't get me wrong. [laughs]

But I won't--I don't like

to be around live chickens

at all.



What are your phobias?

>> Heights.

>> So you wanna go skydiving?

>> DAVID: I do.

I'm scared of it, but I mean


>> The worst thing about it is,

seriously, just like jumping off

the plane.

>> That was what I would think

would be the worst--

>> Don't do it drunk, 'cause I

did it drunk.

And it was bad. [laughs]

>> Okay.

>> NATALIE: I don't think Nick

has ever opened a wine bottle in

his life before.

Okay, here.

Let me help you.

>> I don't know, I don't drink


>> Is it my turn to try?

>> --pull up.

>> Which you would think,

because he's a great tugger.

>> There's that.

>> Nick doesn't know how to pull


>> [bug buzzing]

>> Oh.

A bug just flew in my nose.

>> There's a bug.

>> [sniffs]

>> I got a sweat mustache.

It's not cute?

I thought I made that look good.

>> It's out.

>> Start shedding the, um--

>> [bug buzzing]

>> Screw it.

I'm just gonna kiss him.

Ugh, this bug!

>> What do you do?

>> I'm a dancer and


>> Dancer like as in dancer?

Or like dancer?

>> Both.

>> That's cool. I respect that.

Don't even trip.

>> Wait, not a stripper.

>> Oh, no, not a stripper.

>> I was like-

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> To each.

>> Like each person.

>> I've definitely been saying

"to teach."

>> [laughing]

>> DAVID: To teach?

>> NATALIE: I actually said that

in one of my elimination


I'm a [bleep] idiot.

>> To teach their own.

>> To teach their own.

>> Cheers.

To teach their own.