• Season 3, Ep 5

David Opens Up To Ashley

After their body painting date David tells Ashley about his mother and later serenades Ashley.

07/27/2016 · 1:43

>> Bodies in Bora.

>> Bodies in Bora and pink


>> Indeed.

>> It's, kind of, surprising

with the connection clicking so


You know, you go on your first

date and then you go home and

then maybe he'll text you, maybe

he won't.

You don't know.

But, here, I mean he's kind of

stuck with me for right now.

>> You know you're a fun date.

>> Thank you. You are too.

>> Thank you.

What other kind of lady are you,


>> I grew up in family

with all girls.

I also grew up with a mother who

was very independent and very,

erm, you don't need a guy kind

of thing.

>> Hmm.

>> She my woman.

>> I'm really close to my mom


My mom's a little older though.

She's definitely one of the

strongest woman I've ever known

as well.

>> Yeah.

>> She's had multiple sclerosis

now for, like, 20-something


>> Yeah?

Is it under control?

>> Not as much anymore.

You know it's started to really

affect her mobility and stuff


>> Aw.

>> Ashley is genuine.

At this point in time, she

doesn't know me well enough to

know how special that is to open

up and talk about my mother.

But, hopefully, we'll have a

chance to continue the

connection because I am very

selective about who I choose to

share that information with.

Your mom sounds like such a

strong woman.

>> She is.

I would do anything for that


And, actually, it's her birthday


>> Today? What's her name?

>> Debbie.

>> ♪ Happy birthday to you

♪ Happy birthday to you

♪ Happy birthday Ms. Debbie

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

>> Wow! And you can sing?

>> A little bit.

I do--I sing--

>> Ha!

>> --music is my thing.

>> Could you get any cuter?

As soon as David starts to sing,

it was a wrap.

I was done.

Where do I sign my name?

I mean he's perfect.

>> Body in Bora.

>> I love it.

>> I do too.

It's good stuff.