• Season 5, Ep 13 · Bonus

Angel Love Wants An Invite To Portugal

Jackie knows that someone has spilled the beans to Angel Love about the trip to Portugal. Before Jackie invites her, she decides to have some fun with Angel Love first.

10/02/2016 · 3:28

[music playing]


JACKIE: Hey, girl.-Hey!

ANGEL LOVE: I thoughtBrandi and Jackie

may want to try thesespecial IV infusions

for health and wellness.

Besides, Brandi told me thatJackie was having a girls'

trip, and I thoughtthis would be

a great opportunity to dropsome hints for her to invite me.

I thought this would be reallycool for you guys to try out.

It's different type ofIVs, but they're all really

nourishing for your body.

Is there any sideeffects that could happen?

Has anybody everhad cardiac arrest?

Calm down, Jackie.

You'll be fine.

JACKIE: Oh, theygonna do it in here?

BRANDI: Oh, we're gonnait like right here?


This [bleep] looks like somekind of mental institution.

Of course, Jackie startsfreaking out about everything,

but I decide to just gothrough it and try it.


So what else isgoin' on with you--

OK, but wait, wait, don'ttalk to me right now,

because I just need to think.Wait, hold on.

You sure it's ready?Like, the vein?

No, 'cause look.Look at it.

There's like littlebubbles and stuff.

[interposing voices]

That's telling me,yay, [inaudible].

ANGEL LOVE: It's thebest time, right now.

It's OK.

-You guys gonna sit and talk.-Just don't talk.

Look over here.

Just don't talkwhen she's doing it.

Everybody, just shh.

WOMAN: One, two.


Jackie, is there somethingyou want to tell me?

OK, don't make me jump,don't make me jump.

Oh, my leg.

Oh, I'm getting a cramp.

You've got to massagethe back of my legs.

-Oh, OK, I got you.-It's a cramp.

Oh, Jesus.-All right, all right.

JACKIE: Thank you.

ANGEL LOVE: Oh, my god.

Jackie is always overthe top with [bleep],

so I'm used to that from Jackie.

But right now,maybe I can ask her

about that trip to Portugal.

Jackie, are you gonnatell me or what?



So what else is goin' on?

Girl, um-- do you--oh, I taste it.

Yeah, it tastes likevitamins and stuff.

BRANDI: I told you. [inaudible].

It's in my blood.

Like, oh, Jesus, lord.

BRANDI: It's likeall over your body.

But anyway, I've beenfeeling like, you know,

I want to be tropical.

I feel like I want to seesomething fun or, you know,

just do something.


We could go get some food after.

You hungry?

Not maybe tropical.

Maybe a little--


I like Spanish people.


OK, someone hasspilled the beans.

They've told her thatwe're going to Portugal.

Ooh, lord, Jesus.

I was going to invite AngelLove on this trip anyway,

but first I'm going todefinitely have some fun.

I like messing with her.

Jackie, what else, girl?


'Cause my nerves getting bad.


Because I just feel likesomething's being kept from me,

and I just-- I don'tfeel like it's fair.

JACKIE: Have I keptanything from Angel

that I haven't told her about?


ANGEL LOVE: No Brandi?

BRANDI: Mm-mm.

I don't know of anything.

Like, I'm going to go eat after.

You're welcome to come.



JACKIE: I am hungry, for real.


Angel Love cannotstand it anymore.

And finally, I'm just like,you know, let me go ahead

and invite her.

You are my friend,Angel, and I would really

like to invite you someplace.


Where we going?

We are going on a trip.

And I would like toknow if you want to go.

Where we going?

We're going to Portugal!

[screams] Yeah!


I'm so happy.

I'm over the top with this.

I mean, I already knew.

But for her to invite me, Iam, I'm still happy right now.

Well, somebodymentioned it to you.

Who did?

Did you say something?

You did, didn't you?

You said something.


You can trust me.

I'm trustworthy.

You look very honest right now.