VH1's Weekly Wrap-Up: Is Karlie Redd Cheating On Yung Joc?

From awkward moments and relationship tensions to bowling events and competitions, VH1's primetime line-up earned a perfect score! On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Yung Joc walks in on Karlie Redd getting too close to another man in the studio. On T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, Tiny helps Shekinah find a new personal assistant while on This Is Hot 97, the Hot 97 crew competes in its annual bowling tournament where Ebro makes a surprising announcement.

On Hollywood Exes, the tension reaches an all-time high when Drea checks Mayte on an insensitive remark made towards Sheree. On La La's Full Court Life, things get very awkward when La La meets Dice's girlfriend for the first time while on Marrying The Game, The Game hosts a bowling event to support his charity, The Robin Hood Project. Check out our favorite moments from this past week.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Yung Joc Walks In On Karlie

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If there are two words that could be used to describe Karlie Redd they would be messy and jealous. Like any woman, Karlie Redd is protective over her man but sometimes she is a bit extra and that's when things become messy. After seeing Yung Joc taking body shots at the club, Karlie Redd becomes jealous and checks her man. In true Karlie Redd messy-fashion, this week we see her having a steamy studio session with Jermih just as Yung Joc walks in the door. Of course, Yung Joc is surprised by what he sees. Is Karlie Redd really cheating on her man or is she just seeking revenge by trying to make him jealous?

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: Shekinah and Tiny Test The Interviewees

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Shekinah and Tiny are a dynamic duo and definitely one of our favorite pairs of VH1 celebrity best friends. When it comes time for Shekinah to hire a personal assistant, Tiny is by her side to help her interview the potential employees. During the second round of the interviews, Tiny and Shekinah test the potential assistants by giving them only 3 minutes to pack Shekinah's travel hair kit bag. With Shekinah's blunt attitude and honesty, watching these interviewees compete was hilarious! We can always count on Shekinah to make us laugh.

This Is Hot 97: Who Will Win The Hot 97 Bowling Tournament?

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With Wale, Rick Ross, and French Montana stopping by Hot 97, this week's episode was full of celebrity cameos as the crew prepares for their annual bowling tournament. After failing to find a ringer to solidify a win for their respective teams, it comes down to Cipha Sounds and Laura Stylez to win the game. After Laura Stylez earns the winning point for her team, Ebro gathers the group together to make a surprising announcement – he is going to be a father! Congratulations Ebro!

Hollywood Exes: Drea Checks Mayte

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After the sugar jar incident between Nicole and Mayte, Sheree was not able to address her issues with Mayte breaking her promise until the group dinner. When Sheree confronts Mayte, the women begin arguing back and forth over the issue and when the topic of being a single mom arises, Mayte takes a jab at Sheree by saying "Sheree, you had Will Smith money, okay? I don't have that." It was no surprise that the entire room went silent in reaction to Mayte's comment. However, we were most surprised by how angry and upset that remark made Drea. As a result, Drea – who was supposed to be the group's mediator – checks Mayte on "throwing that dagger at her sister".

La La's Full Court Life: Things Get Awkward Between La La and Dice's Girlfriend

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When it comes time for La La to meet Dice's new girlfriend, Gocha, she initially has some concerns when she learns from Po that Gocha is much older than Dice and is a grandmother. As Dice and Gocha sit down to dinner, La La dives right in to the interrogation trying to get all the details on Gocha and her relationship with Dice. Things quickly get tense and awkward as Dice feels that La La has crossed the line into an unnecessary territory. Was La La doing what any friend would have or did she overstep her place?

Marrying The Game: The Game Hosts A Charity Bowling Game

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After spending over $5 million of his own money on his newly created charity, The Robin Hood Project, The Game decides to host a charity-bowling event. With celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Too $hort attending to support, The Game's event was a huge success! We all know The Game as a rapper but we love seeing him as a loving father and philanthropist.

Will Yung Joc end his relationship with Karlie Redd? Did Shekinah hire the right person to be her personal assistant? Did Dice overreact to La La's questions to her girlfriend, Gocha?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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