VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Big Ang Returns With 'Miami Monkey'

This week marked the series premiere of Miami Monkey! VH1 and Big Ang brought the Drunken Monkey party to South Beach, but not without some minor drama along the way. Although there is some tension between the New York staff and the Miami staff, Big Ang’s bar, Miami Monkey, celebrated its South Beach debut.

On Hollywood Exes, thing became very intense when Nicole learned that Mayte and Jessica cooked her fur headband and threw it outside in the snow. On Marrying The Game, Tiffney celebrated her birthday and The Game surprised her with a romantic getaway trip to Cabo, Mexico. From fun in the sun to turning up the heat, VH1’s primetime line-up brought September in with a sizzle! Check out our favorite moments from the past week.

Miami Monkey: Miami Monkey Celebrates Its Grand Opening

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Big Ang has brought her Drunken Monkey party to South Beach! Although there is some tension between the New York staff and the Miami staff, the Miami Monkey is ready for its South Beach debut. On the day of Miami Monkey’s grand opening, while the rest of the staff is working, Morgan, Cristina, and Gabby decide to take a break and relax while having some drinks and eating lunch. It’s all fun and games until Roxanne finds them, drags them back to the bar, and tells Big Ang what happened.

Hollywood Exes: Nicole Finds Her Destroyed Fur

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Last week Mayte flipped out over Shamika and Nicole wearing fur but this week things got even more intense when Jessica and Mayte decide to cook Nicole's fur headband. While Shamicka and Nicole are out, Mayte and Jessica cook Nicole's headband on the stove and burn it. Although Andrea tries to step in and prevent the women from damaging Nicole’s headband, it’s too late and Nicole is furious when she finds her burnt fur headband outside.

Basketball Wives: Tasha and Tami Clear The Air

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As we’ve seen in the past with former Basketball Wives cast members, when Tami meets someone new she must provide her "friendly disclaimer" of "if you have a problem with me, talk to me; don't talk to someone else about me behind my back." In addition to giving Tasha her friendly disclaimer, Tami meets with Tasha in order to clear up some things about the chef story comments at Tasha’s dinner party. Tami also talks to her about Shaunie planting a negative seed in Tasha's head about Tami.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: T.I. vs. Tiny

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After attending the NASCAR Daytona 500, T.I. and Tiny debate over who is the better driver. After having their teams compete in a soap box derby race, it all comes down to T.I. vs. Tiny in deciding the winner in this double or nothing final race. T.I. and Tiny race against one another in the soap box derby in order to win two cars and prove, once and for all, who is the better driver.

Marrying The Game: The Game Surprises Tiffney

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This week we were treated to a double dose of Marrying The Game. In these last two episodes, Tiffney and The Game are slowly coming together as they are giving their relationship a fresh start. From working out together to spending time in the studio, it looks like this couple is falling in love all over again. When The Game surprises Tiffney on her birthday with a trip to Cabo, Mexico, we think this could be just the romantic getaway this couple needs. Now all that's left to wonder is will Game re-propose to Tiffney while in Mexico?

Tough Love: Co-Ed: The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes

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When we first learned that this season of Tough Love was going to be Co-Ed, we knew there was going to be some friendly competition between the guys and the gals. In order to see how much each gender knows about the opposite, Steve organizes The Gender Gap Game Show. As the men and women compete, the answers to some questions are surprising. With all the drama going on around them, this game show was a light-hearted fun experience to watch.

Should Nicole have forgiven Jessica so easily? Will The Game re-propose to Tiffney in Mexico? Will the Miami Monkey New York staff and Miami staff learn to work together and get along?