VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: 'Black Ink Crew' Returns

Season one of Black Ink Crew ended with many unanswered questions and when the series returned this week, we found all the answers we were looking for. O’S**t isn't in jail, Puma shockingly left Black Ink, and Dutchess and Ceaser are still going strong...for now.

On Miami Monkey, Morgan stormed out of a photo shoot and quit working at the bar, while on Basketball Wives, Tasha’s weave bar opening wasn’t as great of a grand opening as the ladies had expected. From workplace drama to hair weave hysteria, VH1’s primetime line-up kept us in a fall frenzy all week long. But which show still has your head spinning? Check out our favorite moments from this past week.

Black Ink Crew: Ceaser and Dutchess Get Matching Tattoos

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Over the course of last season, we saw a romantic relationship develop between Ceaser and Dutchess (even if the rest of the shop was not too happy about it). As a symbol of their deepening relationship and love for one another, Ceaser and Dutchess decide to get matching tattoos. Carl Grace comes into the shop and tattoos king and queen chess pieces on their hands. Although the ink on their skin is permanent, will Ceaser and Dutchess’ relationship last as long? This scene really sets the stage of what is to come and we cannot wait to see how this storyline unfolds throughout the season.

Hollywood Exes: Does Jessica Want Her Ex-Husband, Garth, Back?

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Last week we saw Jessica fighting with her first husband, Jose Canseco, and this week we see her majorly flirting with her second husband, Dr. Garth Fisher. When Jessica goes with Mayte for a surgical consultation with Dr. Fisher, Jessica sits in and catches up with him. As Jessica tries to gauge if he is still interested in her, she sadly learns that he is happy with where his life is now.

Miami Monkey: Morgan Quits The Miami Monkey

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Last week on Miami Monkey, we saw homesick Gabby leave Miami and return to New York to be with Ang's son, AJ. This week, Morgan arrives late to the photo shoot and becomes extremely upset when she cannot find her $7,000. Believing that someone took her jewelry, Morgan storms out in the middle of the photo shoot and tells Ang that she quits. We would be upset too if we lost an expensive piece of jewelry. Nevertheless, because Ang wants Morgan to be the face of the bar, Big Ang is devastated too.

Basketball Wives: Is Tasha Prepared To Own A Weave Bar?

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After weeks of preparation and planning, Tasha hosts the grand opening of her new weave bar, Celebrity Sew Ins. Within minutes of arriving, Evelyn notices a spelling error on the awning and things get worse as the night goes on. When Tami learns that Tasha knows nothing about hair weaves, Tami questions her about her investment and other businesses. Of course, Tasha becomes defensive and things become more of a mess when the women meet Big Diva. To top it all off, later in the episode Shaunie, Evelyn, and Suzie decide to leave Tasha’s birthday party early before even seeing her. Yikes! This week, Tasha just can’t seem to win or please anybody.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: Tiny and Shekinah Film Their Workout Video

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When Shekinah tells Tiny that she wants to film a workout video using household items for people who don’t like to work out, Tiny is a good friend and supports Shekinah's endeavors. However, the two of them have completely different ideas and routines in mind for this video. When it comes time to actually film the video, the two bump heads and their ideas do not mesh well together into one uniform routine. It’s clear that Tiny becomes frustrated as Shekinah continues to talk over her whenever the cameras are rolling. Although the workout video did not come out as planned, it was definitely entertaining to watch come together (or should we say, fall apart).

Tough Love: Co-Ed: Paj Makes His Date Feel Uncomfortable

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With Tough Love’s ever first “sexy talent show” we know things are about to get wild! Christopher plays up his nerdy, computer-science side while Paj puts his Chippendales skills to good use...but not without embarrassing his date. While Paj strips down and plays to the audience, he completely ignored his date’s reaction. We even blushed a little watching Paj’s performance! Needless to say, Paj’s Chippendale performance landed him in the hot seat with Steve.

Will Morgan return to the Miami Monkey? Was Tasha’s weave bar opening a success? Will Dutchess and Ceaser’s relationship last?

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moments This Week?