All the Times Malaysia Pargo Has Proven She's a Real One on Basketball Wives

From throwing tables to dry hellos, Malaysia's not the one--now you know.

Malaysia Pargo in her own words, is "never a plus-one [but] always the one," and when Jennifer Williams' conflict with all of the ladies was brought to a head in Amsterdam, Malaysia had to remind the ladies just who the f--k she is. This wasn't the first time Malaysia has been tested on Basketball Wives, from repping Compton to defending her right to a dry hello, your girl has always been ready to go if anyone stepped out of line.

Here's a rundown of all of the times that Malaysia has proven she's the realest of real. An icon, a legend, a star.

When Laura Govan called her a hood rat and Malaysia rep'd for Compton.

Basketball Wives LA, season 1, episode 1

The first episode of BBWLA gave Malaysia her rep, SHE'S NOT THE ONE. When Jackie and Tanya's argument about elitism spread to the group, Laura needled Malaysia about her government name being Laquisha and called her a rat. Malaysia, always proud of being from Compton, let Laura know that she was the rat and that she doesn't sleep with husbands. Laura took that as a jab and owned being a rat in an "I'll f--k you up" kinda way, and well, and then the brawl began. Watch Tanya and Kimsha both mentally checkout as they find themselves stuck in the war zone. Malaysia's brand of, don't f--k with me was established from the jump.

When Angel called Brandi a bitch and Malaysia showed up in sweats and sneakers.

Basketball Wives LA, season 5, episode 4

When Angel Brinks had a sip and shop party on BBWLA, Malaysia sat the event out but when her bestie Brandi Maxiell, texted her saying, "I feel funny," Malaysia jumped out of bed and showed up unannounced to the party. Ready. To. Go. In an interview with at the time, Malaysia said the whole pop-up was not planned and that she was not mic'ed or wearing a stitch of makeup. Malaysia said that when Brandi called her and she heard Angel Love calling someone a bitch in the background, she knew she had to go have Brandi's back. When Brandi saw Malaysia in sweats and sneakers with her truck parked in the middle of the road, she exclaimed, "Compton! Compton!" That's your girl.

When Mehgan James broke a glass and Malaysia and Brandi's wonder twins activated.

Basketball Wives LA, season 4, episode 5

When Bad Girls Club alum Mehgan James joined the BBWLA cast she brought a lot of that flavor and fire with her. Moments into their girls trip to Santa Barbara, Mehgan found herself at odds with Malaysia, Brandi, Angel Brinks, Draya Michele, and even her own friend Jackie. The minute Mehgan broke a glass--Brandi and Malaysia were on their Thing 1 and Thing 2, let's get ready to rumble solidifying their friendship as one of the realest on reality TV.

When Brittish Williams called her out for her dry hellos, and Malaysia said "I gave a GENERAL 'hi.'"

Basketball Wives LA, season 3, episode 4

When Brittish Williams pressed Malaysia for always giving her dry-ass hellos, at Jackie's GLAAD event, Malaysia made it clear that she was just giving the room a general hello. Apparently that irked Brittish who thought Malaysia was getting smart. Brittish suggested Malaysia "step back" but instead Malaysia literally started jumping for her right to be polite but dry which further irritated the hell out of Brittish. It took Brandi, Jackie, and Sundy Carter to hold back Malaysia--while Brittish was left untethered and mad.

When a line was drawn in the sand between the LA ladies and the Miami OGs, Malaysia let them know she was "the one."

Basketball Wives LA, seasons 4 and 5

Basketball Wives, season 6

In season six, the continued beef between the "LA ladies" and Shaunie, Tami, and Evelyn continued. Shaunie said Malaysia didn't have substance, Tami said she was a "plus-one," and Evelyn said the only reason she returned to Basketball Wives was because Malaysia and Brandi weren't supposed to be there. What did Malaysia do when faced with the adversity? She stood by Brandi's side the whole time, never betraying her bestie when Brandi became unpopular with the group and really fortified an actual friendship with former frienemy Jackie Christie. You know what we call that? Ride or die, hunty.

When Jennifer tried to shift all blame for the rumors about Evelyn onto Tami in Amsterdam, Malaysia turned the tables on her, frfr.

Basketball Wives, season 7, episode 16

Last but certainly not least, when Jennifer Williams showed up to Amsterdam much to bossy lady Shaunie O'Neal's chagrin, Malaysia had enough. Jennifer arrived with hopes of apologizing to Shaunie and repairing her friendship with Malaysia but Malaysia made it clear, she thought Jen was a "manipulative bitch." Malaysia challenged Jennifer to be open with Evelyn about the things she had said about Ev's daughter Shaniece in the past but Jen sorta just back-peddled and denied. Jen's whole funky two-step, if you will, really bugged Malaysia. Once all of the trash Jen was talking was on the table, Malaysia decided to throw the whole damn thing at the side of Jen's head, solidifying her legacy as a trained to go killa.


Malaysia has stood by the sides of everyone from Bambi to Jackie to Draya to Brandi. Her quiet politeness (or in the words of Brittish, her "dry hellos") may keep her off the radar but don't get it twisted, Malaysia will get you all the way together, if she needs to. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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