VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Will Tiffney and Game Ever Get Married?

This week Marrying The Game came to a dramatic end with the season two finale episode. Similar to last season, we are left to wonder where Game and Tiffney stand in terms of the relationship.

VH1’s primetime line-up was all about the drama as things got heated on Tough Love: Co-Ed when Porsche walked out on her robo-date and Steve threatened to throw her out of boot camp. On Hollywood Exes, Josie’s conversation with her dad, Jose, quickly escalated into a hostile argument between Jessica and Jose about Jose’s parenting skills. Check out our favorite moments from this past week on VH1.

Marrying The Game: Can Tiffney Marry The Game?

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Last season of Marrying The Game ended with Tiffney calling off the engagement between her and Game. As the couple tried to work their differences this season, we rooted for them and hoped that they would be able to come together and move forward in their relationship. Although their trip to Mexico started off strong with lots of romance, things went way left during dinner when they began arguing over respect and changes. As the season came to an end, Tiffney and Game reflected on their relationship. Tiffney knows she is ready to be married to Jayceon, but now she is left to wonder (along with everyone else), is Tiffney ready to marry The Game?

Hollywood Exes: Jessica and Josie Argue With Jose

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When we first met Jessica back in season one, she did not hide that her ex-husband, Jose Canseco, was not the best father to their teenage daughter, Josie. After moving around so many times and constantly coming in and out of their lives, Josie calls Jose to tell him how his not being there really upsets her. As the conversation becomes heated, things really escalate when Jessica becomes involved and Josie’s talk with Jose quickly turns into a hostile argument between Jose and Jessica.

Miami Monkey: Cristina Steals A Bottle Of Patron

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If there is one thing we know about Big Ang from Mob Wives, it is that she loves to cook and is the resident peacemaker of the people around her. In an effort to get the New York staff to bond with the Miami staff, Ang invites everyone over to her house for dinner. Things seem to be going well until Cristina drunkenly decides to take a bottle of Patron from Ang’s house, hide it in her purse, and leave without a trace. When Ang realizes that one of the girls stole her bottle of Patron, she becomes extremely angry. How will Big Ang handle the situation?

Basketball Wives: Tasha Offends Evelyn

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When we first met Tasha this season, we were introduced to her not only as Stephon Marbury’s wife, but as Evelyn’s good friend. So, like Shaunie, we were a bit surprised by the helmet and head butting comments that Tasha made. When Tasha tells Evelyn about the comments she made, Evelyn is extremely hurt to hear what Tasha said but is even more disappointed to learn that Suzie laughed at the comments. After knowing all that Evelyn has gone through, our hearts sunk as she walked away from the table in tears.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: King and Major Perform With The Circus

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With T.I. as their father and Tiny as their mother, we always knew that King and Major were made for the stage. When King and Major are asked to perform with the UniverSoul Circus, we knew that the performers in them would shine through. As part of the UniverSoul Circus, King and Major participate in a dance contest and perform in front of a large audience under the big top. In addition to the boys being extremely cute, it was obvious that they both have some dance skills. We can’t wait to find out where we’ll see them performing next!

Tough Love: Co-Ed: Porsche and Steve Clash Heads

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From the very beginning of boot camp, it was obvious that Porsche would be a tough nut to crack. With her negative attitude and high maintenance personality, Steve is just the person she needs to tell it like it is. When Porsche walks out of her robo-date because she doesn’t like the questions her date is asking her, Steve steps in and threatens to throw her out of boot camp if she doesn’t change her attitude. Will Steve’s threat be enough to make Porsche change her ways?

Will Tiffney decide to marry Jayceon (aka The Game)? How will Big Ang handle learning that Cristina stole from her house? Will Evelyn forgive Tasha for her thoughtless comment?

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?