VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: 'Hollywood Exes' Ends With Many Unanswered Questions

On the season finale of Hollywood Exes Mayte and Jessica got into a heated argument over Jessica being compared to a stripper for having posed for Playboy. Meanwhile on Miami Monkey Ryan and Marissa butt heads over how to handle certain situations while out at a bar.

This week, success was in the air for VH1’s prime time line-up as T.I. headed out on his America’s Most Wanted Tour and brought the whole family along for the ride on T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. Tami celebrated the launch of her nail polish line on Basketball Wives while Puma had a fashion show for his clothing line on Black Ink Crew. From altercations to accomplishments, VH1 was filled with cheers and jeers. Check out our favorite moments from the past week.

Hollywood Exes: Jessica Argues With Mayte

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What was meant to be a fun trip to Las Vegas for Nicole’s bachelorette party turned into a hot mess pretty quickly. When Jessica explains to Mayte why she used the term "hood rat" when referring to Shamicka dancing on the stripper pole, Mayte compares Jessica to a stripper because of her work in Playboy. Obviously, Jessica does not take this well and angrily confronts Mayte while out at a club. Nothing much is accomplished from the argument and Jessica storms off back to her hotel room leaving us to question where her relationship stands with Mayte.

Miami Monkey: Did Ryan Overreact?

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Although Cristina hooked up with Nate in this episode, the bigger shock was seeing the New York girls fighting amongst themselves. First, Raquel and Ryan fought over Raquel’s "education" comment. Later in the episode Ryan, Marissa, and Roxanne hit the Miami bar scene for some fun only for the night to end in an argument. When Ryan goes off on a guy who tried to her approach her at the bar, Marissa starts yelling with Ryan over how she handled the situation. The confrontation between the two of them continues the next morning back at the house. Is this a crack in their friendship that can be repaired?

Basketball Wives: Tami Launches Her Nail Polish

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In comparison to Tasha's Celebrity Sew Ins launch event (Celebrity SewWINS?), Tami’s event for her new nail polish line was a complete success! Tami hosts a fan appreciation to promote her new nail polish line, TR Love which includes celebrity guests such as Niecy Nash and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J. When Suzie, Evelyn, and Shaunie arrive at the event Tami takes the time to tell the women how much she appreciates their love and support. It was great to see these four women come together in support of one another and to celebrate Tami’s success.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: The Harris Kids Help T.I. While On Tour

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When T.I. embarks on his America’s Most Wanted Tour, the kids want to tag along for the ride. As a result, T.I. allows the Harris children to join him on tour as long as they are willing to help out and work. While in Nashville, TN, it was so cute to see King and Major act as security for T.I.'s meet and greet with fans. Meanwhile Deyjah helps prepare the snacks and Messiah and Domani take care of T.I.'s wardrobe. It’s was great to see T.I. incorporate his entire family into his career and it really goes to show that the family that works together, stays together.

Black Ink Crew: Puma Has A Fashion Show For His Clothing Line

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Although Puma and Sassy no longer work at Black Ink, that’s not stopping the Wonder Twinz from making money together! With the launch of his clothing line, IUFONY, Puma hosts a street fashion show. With Sassy organizing the event while Alex and Walt walked the runway as models, the fashion show turned out to be a complete success! We cannot wait to see what other exciting business ventures Puma and Sassy have in store.

Tough Love: Co-Ed: Porsche Breaks Down

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When Steve asks the boot campers to write letters to the parent who has influenced their love life the most, it becomes an extremely emotional task. As each person reads their letter aloud to the group, Porsche breaks down when she reads the letter addressed to her stepfather. It was really refreshing to see a softer side of Porsche. In addition to Porsche crying, Monica and Steve opened up about their own stepfather as Monica also shared some raw emotion. Overall, it was a really touching moment to watch.

Is Jessica overreacting? Do you agree with Ryan or Marissa’ approach? Will Puma and Sassy continue to be successful without Black Ink?

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?