• Season 5, Ep 3

Duffey Keeps It Real With Brandi

Looks like Duffey isn’t over what happened at her event. Duffey calls out Brandi for defending Malaysia’s rude behavior.

07/24/2016 · 2:19

- Can you open up your eyes?

- At the end of the day,it wasn't what--

- At the end of the dayshe's not your real friend.

- She is my real friend.She's my real friend.

- Whatever. Whatever.- That's n--

- I don't feel she'syour real friend,

but that--it is what it is.

- Duff.- I don't. I don't.

She goes behind your back

and tells someone elsethat your party is whack.

Nah, that's not cool.

Like, Brandi, open your eyes.

Your best friendis lying to you.

She said your party is whackbecause that's what she felt,

and she doesn't careabout your feelings.

You would have never donethat to Malaysia.

You would have neverwalked out of her event

and said, "Your party's whack.Your party's boring."

I know you.I know your heart.

You would have never, ever,ever done her like that.

That's why I'm so upset.

That's why, and I told you that.

If there was 100 girls in thatparty that I didn't like,

I'd be right thereby your side saying,

"Do you need help?What you trying to do?

"You trying to pass outsome drinks?

What, are we trying to toast?"

Because that's whatreal friendship is.

That's what real people do.

- Brandi, you should not havebrought her here

because she's gonna pull youto the carpet.

That's definitelywhat she gonna do.

She's not letting you get awaywith nothing, so I like Duffey.

- Well, I'm not gonna letanybody tell me that my friend--

my friendship with Malaysiais not real because I know

at the end of the daythat it is; it's not even that--

- Cool, because you don't wantto see it.

It's like when you in lovewith a guy

that cheats on you overand over again,

and you still be like,"Oh, he's good.

I'm still gonna love himand care for him."

You can't see it'cause you in it.

- Ooh, oh, this isthe best workout ever.

I just want to keep listening to this.

This is a mental workoutright here.

- But I'm on the outside,and I'm watching it,

so whether you want to hear itor not,

I'm gonna tell you'cause I love you.

- It's not--I get it, you know?

I--I get why she may think that.

She's just judging Malaysiabased off,

you know, what she'salready witnessed twice.

Malaysia was not readyto face Angel,

so I'm saying to you she--

- Angel is soinnocent and sweet.

She didn't even look at her.- She's not that innocent.

That's the thing you don't get.

- What she do?- You guys--she--I just--

I'm not gonnakeep explaining everything.

You don't get it.

- That girl ain't did nothingto her

but sit on the radio interview.

- That girlis not that innocent.

She keep bringing Malaysiain her mouth,

making it seem like Malaysia'smaking a big deal about her.

Malaysia's not giving a [bleep]about Angel Brinks for--

- Stop making excusesfor Malaysia.

She didn't come for us.She came for you.

And then after she came for you-

- And that's why--okay,I'm gon--

- She sat there and saidthe party was whack.

- Okay, I'm about to walk off.- Cool, walk off.

- You need to facethe real, Brandi.

- I'm about to walk off.

- We're supposed to be workingout; don't leave.