• Season 5, Ep 2 · Bonus

Duffey Has A Secret Rendezvous With Jason

Duffey meets up with Brandi’s husband, Jason, behind her back.

07/24/2016 · 2:04

[music playing]



What's up?


Well, Jason called me,and he wanted to meet up.

You know, I really don't likegoing behind Brandy's back

and meeting up withhim, since she's kind

of done with him right now.

But if there's any waythat I can help out Brandy

in the relationship to giveher some kind of happiness,

then I'm willing to do it.

What do you want, Jason?

Do you want to be married?

Because Brandy ain'ttrying to hear it.

I heard her tremendously.

So I need to getmy [bleep] right.

We can get to the point ofbeing more open, communicating,

which I haven't done.

Open and honest-- I thinkyou should sit down with her

and tell her everythingthat you've done.

The things that Brandy'stold me, I would never,

ever expected from you.

And I'm disappointedin you, and I feel

like my sister deserves better.

She does.

I agree with you on that.

Brandy and Jason have wentthrough this same thing

last year.

I feel bad for her that she'shaving to go through it again.

It makes it hard to have Jason'sback in this whole situation,

because I've been there.

I've been divorced.

I don't want her tohave to go through that.

I love Brandy, andI care about Brandy.

And I don't want y'all to gothrough what I went through.

It's going to take you actingright for her not to go there.

Well, I need to startover with a big bang.

I'm back, so I haveto do something big.

You have to come fromthe heart, brother.

Get a tattoo-- I'll putit right here on my heart.

Oh, my god.

Hold on.

I'll get an old picture of her,when she had them bifocals on.

That'd be cool, likethe Brandy right here.

I think that wouldbe really nice.

That would hurt like hell.

Jason is a great guy.

I know he loves his son.

I know he wants his family back.

But he has to work for it.

I'm just wondering is he reallythat motivated to do what he

has to do to get Brandy back.

We're just going tokeep brainstorming.

What is this, radish?