• Season 5, Ep 2 · Bonus

Jackie and Angel Brinks Get Physical

Now that Angel is rolling with the big dogs, Jackie invites her out to take a self-defense class.

07/24/2016 · 2:19

[music playing]


Hey, mama.

Martial arts?

I've invited Angel Brinksto come with me to a workout.

But it's not a regular workout,this is a martial arts workout.

Because I feel like AngelBrinks needs to step it up.

You running withthe big dogs now.

-Hey, how's it going?-Hey!


She's here we're ready to go.


Welcome, welcome toPanther martial arts.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

All right, so you guysready for some self-defense?


-Yeah.-OK, all right.

I have a question for you.

Do you feel like youcan defend yourself,

like in a real life situation?

Yeah, absolutely.

We're gonna see.


I think she can,but we gonna see.

-Wait, what is---She's a little shy, so I'm--


Well, one thing is a lotof times your voice can

ward off an attacker, right?

Like hazza!

I ain't scared.

I'm backing away.


I want you to try that.

Are you serious right now?

Come on.

Come on, you can do it.Come on.

You ready?



You need to let it out.

I'm sure if you're havinggreat sex you let it out,

so just take yourself there.

One of the bestthings to yell is fire.

Come on, let's do it five times.Ready?

And go, come on.

-Fire!-Come on, come on.

-Fire!-Come on, come on.


-Two more.-Fire!

One more.


Well I grew up in the suburbs.

We didn't really fight in schooland stuff like that, you know?

We're too pretty forthat kind of stuff.

But, you know, ifI had to fight,

I'm pretty sure Iknow how to get down.


One, two, go.

Huh, huh, oh!


If it's a female, yougrab her cooch and pull.

A lot of people we knowthey're like amazons

but they're females.


Can I just likego to the throat?

Just know thatmight kill someone.

But you'll kill them?

You want to kill them?


Oh, OK.



One more?

My back-- it's my back.

Come on.

My-- It's my back.

-Are you OK?-Oh!

Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on.-I'm sorry--

Are you OK?

I did what he toldme to do, and now

his back is all messed up.

I don't know!

Are you OK?

Uh, whew.


Y'all did good though!